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Closing the Tinners’ Swiss Criminal Case
October 26, 2012

European Court of Human Rights Rejects Tinners’ Appeal
April 26, 2011

The Tinner Case:  Time for a Frank, Open Evaluation Summary and Findings December 21, 2010
CIA Recruitment of the Three Tinners: A Preliminary Assessment December 21, 2010


Holding Khan Accountable, An ISIS Statement Accompanying Release of Libya: A Major Sale at Last
Libya: A Major Sale at Last
December 1, 2010.


Eli Lake’s New Report and the Inadvertent Conflation of Sources About the Notorious Tinner Family
July 2, 2010


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The book by David Albright, Peddling Peril: How the Secret Nuclear Trade Arms America’s Enemies, is available in bookstores in the United States and Canada.  The book details how states have proliferated nuclear technology and know-how, and argues that much more can and should be done to stop this pathway to the bomb. Peddling Peril grew out of a multiple year research project at ISIS and draws from a vast array of documents including shipping and procurement manifests, blueprints, satellite imagery, court files and interviews.  In support of the book’s release, this section of the website is dedicated to providing interested readers with supplemental materials that will allow further exploration of the themes and stories in the book.  This site will continue to be updated as additional information becomes available.

What others say about Peddling Peril

“This book will shake up even the most complacent among us. The Pakistani scientist A.G. Khan and his global smuggling network of nuclear secrets is the book’s central case study, but despite Khan’s arrest years back, the market for such illicit information continues to thrive and elude event the savviest of government watchdogs.” –

David Albright, a respected chronicler of undercover nuclear shenanigans, tells [an] alarming story: just how little most governments have done to halt the bomb’s spread….the book’s real value is in pulling…clear threads from the facts and speculation.” — The Economist

“Albright traces in disturbing detail exactly how nuclear technology has proliferated worldwide in the last 20 years… A book that puts into context our genuine nuclear peril while offering concrete ideas on how to reduce it.”-Booklist

“…rewarding… Albright paints a frightening picture of a future rife with unregulated nuclear armament…Worthwhile reading for policy wonks…” - Kirkus

“...[V]ery eye-opening…” - Kiran Chetry, CNN

“It’s chilling stuff we have in here [...] thanks for writing this book.” —Wolf Blitzer

“...[A]n in-depth account of how the maligned AQ Khan network through espionage and stealing build the nuclear plant and finally weapon for Pakistan.” —Right Vision News

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