About the Institute

The Institute for Science and International Security is a non-profit, non-partisan institution dedicated to informing the public about science and policy issues affecting international security. Its primary focus is on stopping the spread of nuclear weapons and related technology to additional nations and to terrorists, bringing about greater transparency of nuclear activities worldwide, strengthening the international non-proliferation regime, and achieving deep cuts in nuclear arsenals. The Institute is widely recognized both as a source of authoritative information on nuclear programs in states that seek or possess nuclear weapons and an important contributor to efforts to stop the spread of nuclear weapons. The Institute’s projects integrate technical, scientific, and policy research in order to build a sound foundation for a wide variety of efforts to reduce the threat posed by nuclear weapons to U.S. and international security.

The Institute for Science and International Security was founded in 1993 on a belief that scientists have an obligation to play an active role in finding solutions to important national and international security problems. Since its inception, the Institute has produced internationally recognized technical assessments of proliferant-state efforts to acquire nuclear weapons. The Institute has an established record of distributing its findings and analysis widely among government officials, scientists, experts, the media, and the general public. Media and government officials in turn often seek out the Institute for independent analysis on non-proliferation topics. During times of international crisis, the Institute’s balanced and credible analysis is often found at the center of public debates. It has worked regularly in the U.S. and abroad to unite government officials, independent experts, scientists, and the public in efforts to find credible strategies to solve U.S., regional, and global security problems.

In over three decades of experience, the Institute has demonstrated its ability to employ science in the pursuit of international peace.  Its effectiveness as a non-governmental organization has been consistently recognized by the Global “Go-To Think Tanks” rankings, which consistently places it in the top 25 Science and Technology Think Tanks in the world.