How can I make a contribution to the Institute?

The Institute for Science and International Security accepts tax deductible contributions from individuals like yourself who are concerned about nuclear proliferation and the dangers posed by inadequate controls on nuclear explosive materials.

Our work depends on your support. In particular, your support serves as a reminder that our work affects individuals who are concerned about issues of global importance. Although the vast bulk of our funding comes from public and private foundations, we depend upon individuals like you to ensure that we have sufficient flexibility to respond as needed to global crises. In the end the Institute works for all citizens of the world.

How does the Institute help people in my community?

The Institute works to create a world safe from the dangers posed by the spread of nuclear weapons to irresponsible governments or terrorist groups. We believe that an informed public plays an important role in reducing this danger. The Institute broadly disseminates its findings in a variety of ways to ensure that the public understands the threats posed by nuclear weapons and U.S. policies to prevent proliferation. Many of these publications are posted on this web site. In this manner, the Institute enriches the public discussion about how to best address issues related to nuclear weapons, nuclear explosive materials, and proliferation.

If you would like to make a donation to the Institute, please contact us at or 202-547-3633.