Daily News: 07/2017

July 31, 2017

Foster Klug, "A talk with Trump on North Korea? After vacation, Seoul says" Washington Post / ... View Source ›

Faith Karimi, "US tests defense system after North Korea missile launch" CNN / ... View Source ›

CHOE SANG-HUN and DAVID E. SANGER, "After North Korea Test, South Korea Pushes to Build Up Its Own Missiles" New York Times / ... View Source ›

"Iran: Telegram transfers some of its servers to Iran" Washington Post / ... View Source ›

"Iran tells US it will continue missile programme 'with full power' despite new sanctions" International Business Times / ... View Source ›

"Limited options for Trump as North Korea races ahead with nuclear weapons" CBS News / ... View Source ›

July 28, 2017

"Countries where North Korea makes money despite sanctions" Washington Post / ... View Source ›

"North Korea hackers 'want cash not secrets'" BBC / ... View Source ›

Adam Taylor, "The inevitability of North Korea’s nuclear weapons" Washington Post / ... View Source ›

Bill Chappell, "Russia Retaliates For Sanctions Approval, Hitting At U.S. Diplomatic Corps" NPR / ... View Source ›

JOSH LEDERMAN and MATTHEW LEE, "US seeks to test Iran nuclear deal with more inspections" LA Daily News / ... View Source ›

David Sanger, "Trump Seeks Way to Declare Iran in Violation of Nuclear Deal" New York Times / ... View Source ›

July 27, 2017

"Russia unrivaled in nuclear power plant exports" Japan Times / ... View Source ›

AUSTIN RAMZY, "What if Trump Ordered a Nuclear Strike on China? I’d Comply, Says Admiral" The New York Times / ... View Source ›

SOFIA LOTTO PERSIO , "North Korea Missile Test Could be Rained off, Seoul Suggests" Newsweek / ... View Source ›

Adam Taylor, "The strange role North Korea is playing in the Persian Gulf crisis" Washington Post / ... View Source ›

Karoun Demirjian , "Senate, House leaders strike a deal on sanctions" Washington Post / ... View Source ›

"Iranian semi-official media say that Iran has successfully launched a rocket carrying a satellite into space" Washington Post / ... View Source ›

TREY HERR, LAURA K. BATE, "The Iranian Cyber threat Is Real" Foreign Policy / ... View Source ›

July 26, 2017

SOFIA LOTTO PERSIO , "North Korea vows to wage war as U.S. warms missile strike as early as 2018" Newsweek / ... View Source ›

Damian Carrington, "Google enters race for nuclear fusion technology" The Guardian / ... View Source ›

Sami Zaatari, "First look: Barakah nuclear plant taking shape" Gulf News / ... View Source ›

"Iran’s tech sector blooms under shield of sanctions" The Independent / ... View Source ›

Carol Morello, "Son of American who disappeared in Iran pleads: ‘Do something. Do anything.’" The Washington Post / ... View Source ›

"President says Iran will ‘respond’ if US missile law passes" The Washington Post / ... View Source ›

Tova Cohen, Ari Rabinovitch and Eric Auchard; Editing by Richard Balmforth, "Iran-linked cyber spies use simple yet effective hacks: report" Reuters / ... View Source ›

Andrew deGrandpre, "An Iranian ship refused to heed the Navy’s warning. Then shots were fired." The Washington Post / ... View Source ›

"Nuclear plant workers violated security due to forgotten ID" The Washington Post / ... View Source ›

July 25, 2017

Christine Wang, "China reportedly boosts defense preparations along North Korean border" CNBC / ... View Source ›

Craig Timberg and Ellen Nakashima, "Not so isolated: North Korea’s elite uses Gmail, Facebook and iTunes" Washington Post / ... View Source ›

Ryan Browne and Barbara Starr, "US sees more signs North Korea is preparing another missile test" CNN / ... View Source ›

Ben Kentish , "War between US and North Korea is 'not unimaginable', says chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff" The Independent / ... View Source ›

Ralph Vartabedian and W.J. Hennigan, "Duck and cover 2.0: How North Korea is prompting new efforts to prepare for a nuclear attack" LA Times / ... View Source ›

SOFIA LOTTO PERSIO, "North Korea threatens to strike U.S. with 'powerful nuclear hammer'" Newsweek / ... View Source ›

Jason Gewirtz, "Iran already has a lot of problems, and the next one could be a banking crisis" CNBC / ... View Source ›

Dubai newsroom; Editing by Richard Balmforth, "Iran seizes mules and horses used in arms smuggling" Reuters / ... View Source ›

THOMAS ERDBRINK, "For China’s Global Ambitions, ‘Iran Is at the Center of Everything’" The New York Times / ... View Source ›

July 24, 2017

Kevin Lui, "North Korea is Able to Launch a 'Limited Missile Attack,' Warns Top U.S. General" Time / ... View Source ›

Anna Fifield, "Markets helping North Koreans become more independent of the regime, poll says" Washington Post / ... View Source ›

Dubai Newsroom; editing by John Stonestreet, "Iran top judge demands U.S. release assets, jailed Iranians" Reuters / ... View Source ›

Bill Chappell, "House And Senate Reach Deal On Sanctions For Russia, Iran And North Korea" NPR / ... View Source ›

Yara Bayoumy; Editing by James Dalgleish, Toni Reinhold, "South Korea's new energy minister says to support nuclear reactor exports" Reuters / ... View Source ›

"Fukushima: robot images show massive deposits thought to be melted nuclear fuel" Guardian / ... View Source ›

JANA WINTER, ROBBIE GRAMER, DAN DE LUCE, "Trump Assigns White House Team to Target Iran Nuclear Deal, Sidelining State Department" Foreign Policy / ... View Source ›

July 21, 2017

Colin Dwyer, "North Korea Launches Tourism Site — Weeks After Jailed U.S. Tourist's Death" NPR / ... View Source ›

Fred Barbash, "Hawaii rolling out preparedness plan for North Korean missile attack" Washington Post / ... View Source ›

Dipanjan Roy Chaudhury, "All approvals in place, Japan nuclear deal comes into force " Economic Times / ... View Source ›

Doug Bandow, "Seeing North Korea From The Inside: Dedicated To The Supreme Leader And Nuclear Weapons" Forbes / ... View Source ›

"Report: Iran Guard kills 3 terrorists, wounds 4 in north" Washington Post / ... View Source ›

Sylvia Westall, "Iran ambassador ordered to leave Kuwait over spy case" Reuters / ... View Source ›

July 20, 2017

"Less than one aircraft carrier? The cost of North Korea’s nukes" CNBC / ... View Source ›

"Robot probes crippled nuclear reactor for melted fuel" CBS / ... View Source ›

Joshua Berlinger, "No reply yet from North Korea on offer of talks, South Korea says" CNN / ... View Source ›

Barbara Starr and Ryan Browne, "US intelligence shows North Korean preparations for a possible missile test" CNN / ... View Source ›

Alex Lockie, "Here’s what would happen if North Korea exported nuclear weapons to the US’s enemies" Business Insider / ... View Source ›

Hussain Al-Qatari, "Kuwait shuts Iran cultural mission, expels some diplomats" Washington Post / ... View Source ›

Robin Mills , "Qatar Warms Up to Iran on Natural Gas" Bloomberg / ... View Source ›

Matthew Lee, "Iran still top state sponsor of terrorism, U.S. report says" PBS News Hour / ... View Source ›

July 19, 2017

Kanga Kong , "Moon Seeks 2020 Deal for Peace With Nuclear-Free North Korea" Bloomberg / ... View Source ›

Christine Kim, "North Korea conducts public executions for theft, watching South Korea media: report" Reuters / ... View Source ›

Vera Eckert, "TABLE-Swiss nuclear plant outages" Reuters / ... View Source ›

Rick Gladstone, "Trump Adds Sanctions on Iran After Certifying Its Compliance with Nuclear Deal" New York Times / ... View Source ›

Dubai newsroom; Editing by Gareth Jones, "Iran's Rouhani says new U.S. sanctions violate nuclear accord: state TV" Reuters / ... View Source ›

"Foreign food chains brave risks for a bite of Iran" Associated Foreign Press / ... View Source ›

July 18, 2017

David McKenzie, "Where North Korea's elite go for banned luxury goods" CNN / ... View Source ›

Luke Walton, "Neutron beam from nuclear reactor used to produce safer cars" Phys.Org / ... View Source ›

Babak Dehghanpisheh; Editing by Richard Balmforth, "Iran's Revolutionary Guards warn U.S. against terrorist designation, new sanctions" Reuters / ... View Source ›

Jackie Northam, "Academic Adviser Of U.S. Student Jailed In Iran: 'Everything He Did Was Normal'" NPR / ... View Source ›

"Two Iranians charged in US over hacking defense materials" Associated Foreign Press / ... View Source ›

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