Daily News: 02/2016

February 29, 2016

Patrick Malone and R. Jeffrey Smith, "ISIS Sought Nuclear Material for Dirty Bomb, Officials Believe" NBC News / ... View Source ›

"China to follow UN resolution on North Korea: nuclear envoy" Asia Times / ... View Source ›

Ayako Mie, "Japanese, Chinese diplomats meet in Tokyo, agree to more high-level talks" Japan Times / ... View Source ›

James Regan, "France prepared to extend life of nuclear reactors: energy minister" Reuters / ... View Source ›

February 26, 2016

"Iran votes in first key elections since nuclear deal" BBC News / ... View Source ›

"NATO Commander: Russia Poses 'Existential Threat' To West" Radio Free Europe / ... View Source ›

Nc Bipindra, "India Nears Completion of Nuclear Triad With Armed Submarine" Bloomberg Business / ... View Source ›

David Alexander, "U.S. test-fires ICBMs to stress its power to Russia, North Korea" Reuters / ... View Source ›

"Three ex-Tepco executives to be indicted over Fukushima nuclear disaster" Japan Times / ... View Source ›

February 25, 2016

Farnaz Fassihi, "U.S., China Agree to Sanction North Korea on Nuclear Program" Wall Street Journal / ... View Source ›

"NCA Resolves to Keep Credible Minimum Nuclear Deterrence" Pakistan Observer / ... View Source ›

Richard Burgess, "STRATCOM Commander: No Margin for New Risk in 2017 Budget Proposal" Sea Power Magazine / ... View Source ›

"IAEA official pushes Japan to install quake-resistant response centers for nuclear emergencies" Japan Times / ... View Source ›

February 24, 2016

Aaron Mehta, "Nuclear Administration Head Warns of Coming Infrastructure Bills" Defense News / ... View Source ›

Brooks Boliek and Paul Eckert, "US, China Claim Progress on North Korea as South China Sea Gap Remains Deep" Radio Free Asia / ... View Source ›

"S. Korea rejects calls for nuclear armament, says its committed to nonproliferation" Arirang / ... View Source ›

Idrees Ali, "U.S. commander in South Korea concerned about North Korea's nuclear weapons program" Reuters / ... View Source ›

February 23, 2016

"USAF test launches unarmed Minuteman III ballistic missile" Air Force Technology / ... View Source ›

"Former Labour defence secretaries fire broadside at Trident review" The Guardian / ... View Source ›

"India's First Nuclear Submarine INS Arihant Ready For Operations, Passes Deep Sea Tests" Economic Times / ... View Source ›

"Hollande acknowledges 'consequences' of nuclear tests on Polynesia trip" France 24 / ... View Source ›

February 22, 2016

"U.S. rejected North Korea peace talks offer before last nuclear test: State Department" Reuters / ... View Source ›

"U.N. warns of nuclear material falling into terrorists' hands" Chicago Tribune / ... View Source ›

"Chinese banks freeze North Korean accounts: South Korean media report" Reuters/Yahoo News / ... View Source ›

"China, Japan ‘plan talks over North Korea’s nuclear test and rocket launch’" South China Morning Post / ... View Source ›

Javier E. David, "North Korea's arsenal raises the stakes for US grid security: Experts" CNBC / ... View Source ›

"Russia will refit nuclear powered guided missile cruiser with mach 5 hypersonic 3M22 missiles with 2022 deployment" nextBig Future / ... View Source ›

February 19, 2016

Martin Dunai, "Iran proposes nuclear power cooperation with Hungary" Reuters / ... View Source ›

"US Air Force to Receive $28 Bln Over Five Years for Nuclear Deterrence" Sputnik News / ... View Source ›

Associated Press, "US tightens sanctions on North Korea after nuclear test and rocket provocation" The Guardian / ... View Source ›

"Modi, Sharif to meet on margins of US nuclear summit?" Hindustan Times / ... View Source ›

Paul Waugh, "Jeremy Corbin's Trident Review to Look at Airborne Nuclear Bombs" Huffington Post UK / ... View Source ›

February 18, 2016

Bill Gertz, "Pending Iranian Space Launch Contrary to U.N. Nuclear Resolution" Washington Free Beacon / ... View Source ›

Julian Ryall, "North Korea's nuclear test 'could jolt volcano back to life'" The Telegraph / ... View Source ›

Armin Rosen, "India's ballistic missiles could be a game-changer" Business Insider / ... View Source ›

Leandra Bernstein, "U.S. Nuclear Nonproliferation Budget to 'Decline' Due to Bad Ties with Russia" Sputnik News / ... View Source ›

Darryl Fears, "An underground fire is burning near a nuclear waste dump, and officials say EPA has been too slow to react" Washington Post / ... View Source ›

February 17, 2016

David E. Sanger and Mark Mazzetti, "U.S. Had Cyberattack Plan if Iran Nuclear Dispute Led to Conflict" New York Times / ... View Source ›

Matthias Verbergt, "Belgian Police Find Surveillance Tape of Nuclear Worker’s Home" Wall Street Journal / ... View Source ›

Julian ryall, "North Korea ready for new nuclear test, analysts warn" The Telegraph / ... View Source ›

AP, "US stealth jets fly over S. Korea amid N. Korea standoff" KSN.com / ... View Source ›

"Iranian banks reconnected to global payments network" Reuters / ... View Source ›

Albert Khoury, "Russia aims to point its ICBMs at the asteroid Apophis in 2036" Yahoo News / ... View Source ›

Elaine Grossman, "Top Secret U.S. Nuke War Plans Thwarted" Daily Beast / ... View Source ›

February 16, 2016

Julian E. Barnes, "NATO Accuses Russia of Loose Talk on Nuclear Weapons" Wall Street Journal / ... View Source ›

Associated Press in Seoul, "'Regime collapse' awaits North Korea, says South's leader in nuclear warning" The Guardian / ... View Source ›

Franz Stefan-Gady, "Confirmed: China is Upgrading ICBMs With Multiple Warheads" The Diplomat / ... View Source ›

Ben Ariel, "Power: Iran complying with nuclear deal but remains a threat" Israel National News / ... View Source ›

Marcus George, "Iran elections: Moderates, conservatives expected to clash in wake of nuclear deal" ABC News / ... View Source ›

Raf Sanchez, "Arab states are seeking nuclear weapons to counter Iran, Israel warns" The Telegraph / ... View Source ›

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