Daily News: 06/2014

June 30, 2014

Song Sang-ho, "Park-Xi summit to focus on North Korean nukes, FTA" The Korea Herald / June 30, 2014 The leaders of South Korea and China are expected to underscore their opposition to North Korea’s pursuit of nuclear weapons and their push to expedite bilateral free trade negotiations during a summit in Seoul later this week, government sources said Monday.... View Source ›

"N. Korea again vows to seek nuke program before Xi's Seoul visit" Yonhap News / June 30, 2014 North Korea renewed its pledge to pursue the communist country's nuclear weapons program on Monday, ahead of Chinese President Xi Jinping's visit to Seoul slated for later this week.... View Source ›

"S. Korean, U.S., Japanese JCS chiefs to meet this week on N.K. nukes" Yonhap News / June 30, 2014 The chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) of South Korea, the United States and Japan plan to hold talks in Hawaii this week to boost military coordination in dealing with North Korea's nuclear and missile capabilities, a JCS officer here said Monday.... View Source ›

Laura Zuckerman, "Scientists unable to recreate chemical reaction suspected in New Mexico radiation leak" Reuters / June 27, 2014 Government scientists have not been able to replicate a chemical reaction suspected of causing a radiation leak at a U.S. nuclear waste dump in New Mexico, complicating efforts to understand what went wrong, a U.S. Energy Department official said Friday. ... View Source ›

Vanessa Barford, "Scottish independence: Where might Trident go?" BBC News / June 30, 2014 Scottish ministers say the UK's nuclear deterrent - the submarine-based Trident - will be banished from Scotland if it becomes independent. The UK government says there are no plans to move it. But where could it relocate to if it had to? ... View Source ›

June 27, 2014

Justyna Pawlak, "World powers plan strategy to rescue Iran nuclear deal" Reuters / June 26, 2014 Senior diplomats from six world powers met in Brussels on Thursday to search for ways to resuscitate negotiations with Iran over its contested nuclear program, with less than four weeks left until a late-July deadline to strike an accord.... View Source ›

"Zarif: No Talks on Additional Protocol Yet" FARS News Agency / June 27, 2014 Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif underlined that Iran and the Group 5+1 (the US, Russia, China, France and Britain plus Germany) have not yet discussed the issue of Iran's acceptance of the Additional Protocol to the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).... View Source ›

"North Korea on agenda as Chinese president visits South" Reuters / June 27, 2014 Chinese President Xi Jinping will visit South Korea next week, the two countries announced on Friday, with North Korea's pursuit of nuclear weapons featuring prominently on the agenda in summit talks.... View Source ›

Rachel Oswald, "Quantifying Progress in Reducing WMD Threats Getting Tougher: Report" Global Security Newswire / June 26, 2014 A recent congressional report sees growing difficulty ahead in quantifying progress in U.S. efforts to secure and eliminate weapons of mass destruction.... View Source ›

Geoffrey Mohan, "Fusing physics, cryptography to solve a nuclear inspection paradox" Los Angeles Times / June 26, 2014 The solution to ridding nations of nuclear warheads may come from a simple puzzle involving marbles.... View Source ›

June 26, 2014

Louis Charbonneau, "Russia says next Iran atom talks to be marathon, slams U.N. experts" Reuters / June 25, 2014 Russia's U.N. envoy on Wednesday said the next round of talks between Iran and six world powers will be a two-week marathon session, while warning a panel of U.N. sanctions experts not to sabotage the final phase of the delicate negotiations.... View Source ›

"U.S. ambassador vows deeper engagement with China over N. Korea issue" Yonhap / June 25, 2014 U.S. Ambassador to China Max Baucus said Wednesday that he has been seeking to deepen engagement with China to tackle regional security challenges, including North Korea and Iran, while admitting "differences" with Beijing over a range of issues such as cyber hacking and human rights. ... View Source ›

"Air Force Awards $1.9 Billion Contract for More Antimissile Satellites" Global Security Newswire / June 25, 2014 The U.S. Air Force has awarded a $1.86 billion contract to Lockheed Martin to complete production work on two more missile-defense satellites.... View Source ›

"U.K. Nuclear Cleanup Expenses May Top $370 Billion" Global Security Newswire / June 25, 2014 The United Kingdom may pay more than $370 billion for atomic cleanup efforts expected to continue beyond the year 2130, the London Telegraph reports.... View Source ›

"Firm May Face Penalties After Leak at Nuclear Burial Ground" Global Security Newswire / June 25, 2014 A new federal probe may lead to steep penalties for the operator of a nuclear-waste dump where contaminants escaped, the Santa Fe New Mexican reports.... View Source ›

June 25, 2014

"Iran expects deal soon on Russia building new nuclear reactors" Reuters / June 24, 2014 Iran said on Tuesday it expected to sign a deal with Russia in late August on the building of two new 1,000-megawatt nuclear reactors in the Islamic Republic, potentially boosting its case that it is refining uranium for civilian energy, not atom ... View Source ›

DAVID E. SANGER, "Long Absent, Nuclear Expert Still Has Hold on Iran Talks" The New York Times / June 24, 2014 As a team of Iranian negotiators parried with the West last week in increasingly heated negotiations over where the country will be forced to dismantle many of its nuclear facilities, one mysterious figure was conspicuously missing.... View Source ›

Caline Malek , "Preliminary framework drafted for nuclear weapons-free zone in Middle East" The National / June 24, 2014 Mohammed Shaker, ambassador and chairman of the Egyptian council of foreign affairs, has drafted a preliminary framework of an agreement that could pave the way for a zone free of weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East.... View Source ›

"Nuclear Trade Body to Consider Ties with India at Annual Meeting " Global Security Newswire / June 24, 2014 A draft agenda of the Nuclear Suppliers Group's yearly meeting, set to take place on Thursday and Friday in the capital of Argentina, states without further elaboration that member states will be "invited to a general discussion on the NSG's relationship with India," Reuters reported.... View Source ›

"S. Korea says nuclear programs won't guarantee N. Korea's future" Yonhap / June 25, 2014 Prime Minister Chung Hong-won called on North Korea on Wednesday to cooperate with South Korea and choose the path of co-prosperity on the divided Korean Peninsula.... View Source ›

June 24, 2014

"Iran Envoys Trade Blame for Nuclear-Deal Delays" Global Security Newswire / June 23, 2014 Tehran and Washington each said the other capital had to give up more if the sides are to defuse a global nuclear standoff, Reuters reports.... View Source ›

Zachary Keck, "Iran Asks China to Play Larger Role in Nuke Talks" The Diplomat / June 24, 2014 Iranian President Hassan Rouhani called on China to play a bigger role in the nuclear negotiations between Iran and the P5+1 powers (the U.S., U.K., France, Germany, Russia and China).... View Source ›

"(LEAD) Former U.S. official expects 4th nuclear test by North Korea" Yonhap News Agency / June 22, 2014 Former U.S. deputy secretary of state Richard Armitage predicted Sunday that North Korea would proceed with its fourth nuclear test in what would be a "key moment" in its efforts to arm a ballistic missile with a nuclear warhead.... View Source ›

"China urges wider perspective to resume N. Korea nuke talks" The Korea Herald / June 22, 2014 Nations involved in the long-stalled multilateral talks aimed at ending North Korea’s nuclear weapons program must bear in mind a “larger picture” for its resumption, China’s top diplomat said Saturday, as diplomatic efforts to bring new life into the talks have made little headway. ... View Source ›

Shelby Lin Erdman, "Pentagon declares test of Ballistic Missile Defense System a success" CNN / June 23, 2014 The U.S. military successfully conducted a test of the Ballistic Missile Defense System in a joint military exercise on Sunday, the Pentagon confirmed in a statement.... View Source ›

June 23, 2014

"India's Anticipated Uranium Boost Prompts Alarm in Islamabad" Global Security Newswire / June 20, 2014 A Pakistani official bemoaned India's apparent progress on a new site capable of making uranium for advanced nuclear weapons, Reuters reports.... View Source ›

Douglas Busvine, "India to open civilian nuclear program to greater scrutiny" Reuters / June 23, 2014 India said on Monday it was ratifying an agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to expand oversight of its civilian nuclear program, in a move aimed at unblocking a major nuclear partnership with the United States.... View Source ›

By Parisa Hafezi and Justyna Pawlak, "Iran rejects 'excessive demands' in nuclear talks with six powers" Reuters / June 20, 2014 Iran told six big powers on Friday it would not accept their "excessive demands" after the latest talks on lifting sanctions against Tehran in exchange for curbs on its nuclear work yielded no breakthrough, with a deadline for a deal just a month away.... View Source ›

"Cleanup Plan For Fouled Atomic Dump Expected by Month's End" Global Security Newswire / June 20, 2014 A comprehensive cleanup plan for the disabled Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in New Mexico is expected by month's end, the Santa Fe New Mexican reports.... View Source ›

"Iran signals it may allow snap nuclear inspections" The Washington Post / June 23, 2014 Iran may allow snap inspections of its nuclear facilities as part of a final agreement with world powers on its contentious atomic program, an Iranian official said Monday.... View Source ›

June 20, 2014

"Iran and powers to resume nuclear talks on July 2" Reuters / June 20, 2014 World powers and Iran will resume negotiations over Tehran's disputed nuclear activities on July 2, after a round of talks in Vienna this week, a senior Chinese official at the talks said on Friday.... View Source ›

"Seoul urges Pyongyang's change in stance on six-way talks" Yonhap News Agency / June 20, 2014 South Korea reiterated Friday that North Korea should first change its attitude toward the six-way talks aimed at ending Pyongyang's nuclear program before the resumption of the long-stalled forum. ... View Source ›

Fredrik Dahl, "Enigmatic Iranian military man at center of U.N. nuclear investigation" Reuters / June 19, 2014 He is believed to top the list of elusive Iranian officials the U.N. nuclear watchdog wants to query. Exiled foes of the Islamic state cite him as the mastermind of clandestine efforts to design an atomic bomb. Tehran is mum about him, while denying having any nuclear arms agenda.... View Source ›

"U.N. Agency, Kazakhstan Seen Close to Deal on Nuclear Fuel Bank" Global Security Newswire / June 19, 2014 Kazakhstan and a U.N. agency may finalize terms this year for opening a new multilateral nuclear-fuel repository, the Astana Times reports.... View Source ›

"U.S. Eliminates Multi-Warheads on All Ground-Based Nuclear Missiles" Global Security Newswire / June 19, 2014 The United States this week finished altering its ground-based, long-range nuclear missiles to each carry just one warhead, the Great Falls Tribune reports.... View Source ›

June 19, 2014

George Jahn, "Deadlock Continues at Iran-6-Power Nuclear Talks" Associated Press / June 19, 2014 Two days of nuclear negotiations between Iran and six world powers appear to have made little progress in narrowing differences standing in the way of reaching an agreement by July 20, two diplomats said Thursday.... View Source ›

Louis Charbonneau, Parisa Hafez, "Exclusive: Iran digs in heels on nuclear centrifuges at Vienna talks - envoys" Reuters / June 18, 2014 Iran is refusing to significantly cut the number of centrifuges it intends to keep to produce nuclear fuel, making it hard to imagine a compromise at this week's talks with six powers, Western and Iranian officials said on Wednesday.... View Source ›

Darrell Richardson, "Appropriations bill funds UPF, addt’l Oak Ridge projects" The Oak Ridger / June 18, 2014 Despite a light rap on the knuckles of the UPF initiative at Y-12 in its introduction, a fiscal year 2015 energy & water bill OK’d by the House Appropriations Committee on Wednesday strongly supports several of the high-profile federal missions underway in Oak Ridge.... View Source ›

Rachel Oswald, "Pyongyang Propaganda Video May Offer Clues on New " Global Security Newswire / June 18, 2014 A nonproliferation expert argues in a new report that North Korea has developed a new cruise missile based on a Russian model.... View Source ›

"India's Ballistic Missile Sub Still Not Ready for Sea Trials: Navy Sources" Global Security Newswire / June 18, 2014 India's first ballistic missile submarine is not yet ready for sea trials, the New Indian Express quotes "top navy sources" as saying in a Wednesday article.... View Source ›

June 18, 2014

Louis Charbonneau and Parisa Hafezi, "Iran digs in heels on nuclear centrifuges at Vienna talks: envoys" Reuters / June 18, 2014 Iran is refusing to significantly cut the number of centrifuges it intends to keep to produce nuclear fuel, making it hard to imagine a compromise at this week's talks with six powers, Western and Iranian officials said on Wednesday.... View Source ›

Steven Scheer, "Iran economy remains in distress amid sanctions: U.S.'s Lew" Reuters / June 18, 2014 U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew said Iran's economy remained in a state of distress due to sanctions over its nuclear programme and that the United States would not rush into making a bad deal to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.... View Source ›

Douglas P. Guarino, "Senators: Spending Bill Would Boost Efforts to Secure Nuclear Material" Global Security Newswire / June 17, 2014 Senate appropriators said Tuesday that their spending bill for fiscal 2015 includes several measures meant to aid efforts to shield nuclear and radiological materials from terrorists.... View Source ›

"Huge US-Iran gap on nukes as target date nears" The Washington Post / June 17, 2014 Any thaw in relations between Iran and the United States under the pressure of Iraq’s turmoil is unlikely to hasten progress in difficult negotiations seeking limits on Tehran’s nuclear program.... View Source ›

Jeffrey Lewis, "Translating a Noun into a Verb Pyongyang Style: The Case of North Korea’s New Cruise Missile" 38 North / June 16, 2014 It looks like North Korea is now in the cruise missile business. Talk about translating a noun into a verb. Although most of our attention has been focused on the many kinds of ballistic missiles that North Korea builds, tests and too often sells, modern cruise missiles are a new and potentially destabilizing addition to North Korea’s missile arsenal.... View Source ›

June 17, 2014

Rajat Pandit, "Pakistan surges ahead of India in nuclear stockpile: Report" The Times of India / June 17, 2014 Pakistan's nuclear arsenal continues to surge ahead with 100-120 warheads as compared to India's 90-110. China has more than double that number with 250 warheads. The US and Russia, of course, are in a different league altogether with 7,000-8,000 warheads each, together possessing 93% of all nuclear weapons.... View Source ›

Rachel Oswald, "Independent Experts Can Now Get Sharper Satellite Images of North Korea, Iran" Global Security Newswire / June 16, 2014 Independent nonproliferation experts can now get images offering much greater detail about Iran's and North Korea's above-ground nuclear facilities.... View Source ›

"U.S., Australia Want to Deepen Their Antimissile Cooperation" Global Security Newswire / June 16, 2014 Top U.S. and Australian leaders are discussing options for deepening joint antimissile efforts, amid fears over North Korean nuclear missile developments.... View Source ›

"Scottish Minister Proposes Enshrining Anti-Nuclear Pledge in Constitution" Global Security Newswire / June 16, 2014 A potential independent Scotland should include the goal of removing all nuclear arms from Scottish soil in its constitution, a senior Scottish official says. The locally governing Scottish National Party has pledged to evict all British nuclear warheads, Trident ballistic missiles and strategic submarines from Scotland by 2020 if local voters choose independence in a September referendum. ... View Source ›

"Iran, six powers seek to salvage momentum for nuclear deal" Reuters / June 16, 2014 Iran and six world powers re-launched talks on Tuesday to rescue prospects for a deal on Tehran's nuclear activity by a July deadline, striving to prevent a long-time standoff from descending into a wider Middle East war.... View Source ›

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