The Lessons Regarding Nuclear Secrecy at Rocky Flats

August 26, 1999

The following are a series of reports that focus on the consequences and lessons derived from the 1957 and 1969 nuclear accidents at the Rocky Flats nuclear weapons production complex in Colorado.

The Lessons of Nuclear Secrecy at Rocky Flats: Press Release August 26, 1999

The Lessons of Nuclear Secrecy at Rocky Flats David Albright and Kevin O’Neill August 26, 1999

Developing Comparisons for Risks Due to Plutonium Inhalation and Carbon Tetrachloride Exposure David Albright and Lauren Barbour May 14, 1999

Report to Colorado Department of Health: Description of Work Obtaining Satellite Photos of the Rocky Flats Plant Corey Gay Hinderstein May 10, 1999

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