Syria: Reports


Serial Bombings Observed at Masyaf, Syria
David Albright, Sarah Burkhard, and Frank Pabian December 28, 2020


Revisiting Qusayr: Uncertainties Still Abound at Suspect Underground Site in Syria
David Albright, Sarah Burkhard, Hanah Joudi, and Frank Pabian September 13, 2018

Is the facility at Qusayr, Syria an underground nuclear facility? Public Evidence remains inconclusive
David Albright, Sarah Burkhard, Allison Lach, and Frank Pabian March 21, 2018


Syria’s Unresolved Nuclear Issues Reemerge in Wake of ISIL Advance and Ongoing Civil War
David Albright, Serena Kelleher-Vergantini, and Sarah Burkhard June 30, 2015


Syria’s Past, Secret Nuclear Program Poses Proliferation Risks
David Albright and Robert Avagyan September 13, 2013


ISIS Analysis of IAEA Report on Syria: IAEA Concludes Syria “Very Likely” Built a Reactor
Paul Brannan May 24, 2011

IAEA Safeguards Report on Syria:  Agreement on Homs Site Not Enough to Avoid a Special Inspection
Paul Brannan February 25, 2011

Satellite Image Shows Suspected Uranium Conversion Plant in Syria
David Albright and Paul Brannan February 23, 2011


Satellite Image Shows Syrian Site Functionally Related to Al Kibar Reactor
David Albright and Paul Brannan December 1, 2010

IAEA Safeguards Report on Syria: Cooperation from Syria Worsens, Special Inspection Needed
David Albright, Paul Brannan, and Andrea Stricker November 23, 2010

If Not Now, When?  Time for an IAEA Special Inspection in Syria
David Albright and Paul Brannan September 6, 2010


ISIS Analysis of November 16, 2009 IAEA Report on Syria
Paul Brannan November 16, 2009

IAEA Report on Syria: Undeclared Uranium Particles Found in Hot Cell Facility in Damascus; Syria Not Answering IAEA's Questions
David Albright and Paul Brannan June 5, 2009


Inspecting Syria’s Al Kibar Reactor Site: A Technical Note
Ephraim Asculai May 12, 2008

The Al Kibar Reactor: Extraordinary Camouflage, Troubling Implications
David Albright and Paul Brannan May 12, 2008

Syria Update III: New Information About Al Kibar Reactor Site
David Albright and Paul Brannan April 24, 2008

ISIS Statement Regarding “A Strike in the Dark” in the February 11 Issue of the New Yorker, by Seymour Hersh February 6, 2008

New Construction at Syrian Site January 14, 2008


Syria Update II: Syria Buries Foundation of Suspect Reactor Site October 26, 2007

Syria Update: Suspect Reactor Site Dismantled
David Albright , Paul Brannan and Jacqueline Shire October 25, 2007

Suspect Reactor Construction Site in Eastern Syria: The Site of the September 6 Israeli Raid?
David Albright and Paul Brannan October 24, 2007