South Africa: Reports


Press Release: New Book on South Africa’s Nuclear Program September 30, 2016


Highly Enriched Uranium Inventories in South Africa Status as of end of 2014
David Albright November 20, 2015


Rendering Useless South Africa’s Nuclear Test Shafts in the Kalahari Desert
David Albright, Paul Brannan, Zachary Laporte, Katherine Tajer, and Christina Walrond November 30, 2011


Case Study - Profitable and Low-Penalty: Illicit Procurement of Items with Nuclear Applications for Pakistan
David Albright, Paul Brannan and Andrea Scheel February 27, 2009


Asher Karni Case Shows Weakness in Nuclear Export Controls
Jacob Blackford September 8, 2004


South Africa’s Nuclear Weapons Storage Vault
David Albright and Corey Hinderstein October 4, 2001

South Africa’s Nuclear Weaponization Efforts : Success on a Small-Scale
David Albright and Corey Hinderstein September 13, 2001


Pelindaba and Valindaba Facilities, South Africa
David Albright and Corey Hinderstein October 26, 2000


A Flash from the Past
David Albright and Corey Gay November 1, 1997


South Africa and the Affordable Bomb
David Albright July 1, 1994

South Africa’s Secret Nuclear Weapons
David Albright May 1, 1994

Israeli Friends: Secret South African - Israeli Nuclear Cooperation May 1, 1994


South Africa: The ANC and the Atom Bomb
David Albright and Mark Hibbs April 1, 1993


South Africa flirts with the NPT
David Albright and Tom Zamora January 1, 1991