Pakistan has a program which began after 1970 and is still ongoing.  In February 2004, AQ Khan, the father of Pakistan’s nuclear bomb, admitted to supplying nuclear technology to North Korea, Iran and Libya through a nuclear black market.

Military Stocks of Fissile Material, end of 2003 (in kilograms)1,2
Unirradiated Plutonium40 (20-60)3
Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU)1,100 (1,000-1,250)
Number of Weapons55-90

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1 From Global Fissile Material Inventories, June 2004.

2 These values are updates of the estimates in India’s and Pakistan’s Fissile Material Inventory, end of 1999, by David Albright, October 2000.

3 The values presented are the median and 5th-95th percentiles (in parentheses), calculated using the forecasting software Crystal BallÆ.  This software allows a more systematic and defensible uncertainty analysis.

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