Illicit Trade: Conferences, Videos & Testimony


House Subcommittee Testimony of David Albright on Countering Financial Networks of Proliferation July 12, 2018


The History of the Gas Centrifuge and Its Role in Nuclear Proliferation
Houston Wood, David Albright, Jeffrey Lewis January 20, 2010


Finding Innovative Ways to Detect and Thwart Illicit Nuclear Trade: 2007 Carnegie International Nonproliferation Conference
David Albright, Matti Tarvainen and Ralf Wirtz June 26, 2007


Hearing of the International Terrorism and Nonproliferation Subcommittee of the House International Relations Committee The A.Q. Khan Network: Case Closed? May 25, 2006

Hearing Transcript May 25, 2006

Albright Statement Transcript May 25, 2006

Albright Submitted Statement May 25, 2006


Uncovering the Nuclear Black Market: Working Toward Closing Gaps in the International Nonproliferation Regime
David Albright and Corey Hinderstein July 3, 2004 Presented at the Institute for Nuclear Materials Management Annual Conference 2004


Nuclear Non-Proliferation Concerns and Export Controls in Russia
David Albright June 6, 2002 Testimony by David Albright to the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee.

April 2002 -- The following papers were delivered at a seminar held with the IPPE ((Institute for Physics and Power Engineering) Export Control Laboratory:

Germany’s Export Control Law in the New Millennium
Michael Rietz April 8, 2002

Realization and Implementation of Export Regulations Tightened since 1990/92 in Export-Oriented Companies in Germany
Dr. oec. Hans A. Kolb April 1, 2002

Creation of Leybold’s Internal Compliance System
David Albright and Corey Hinderstein March 30, 2002


April 2001 -- The following papers were delivered at the seminars held with the CEC and the IPPE Export Control Laboratory:

Preventing Illegal Exports:  Learning from Case Studies, Part II
David Albright April 9, 2001

Iraq’s Efforts to Acquire Information about Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear-Related Technologies from the United States
Kevin O'Neill April 6, 2001

Personal Reflections on Cooperation with Iraq in the 1980s
Karl Heinz Schaab April 6, 2001

Preventing Illegal Exports: Learning from Case Studies
David Albright April 6, 2001

German Companies, Deliveries to Areas of Tension and Violations of the Foreign Trade Law
Michael Rietz April 1, 2001


Dual-use exports, or a twilight business versus systemic failures of export controls
Michael Rietz December 10, 1999