Washington Post article featuring ISIS’ book Peddling Peril

March 10, 2010

An article in the Washington Post today featured ISIS’ upcoming book Peddling Peril about illicit nuclear trade. The book, published by Free Press, is scheduled for release March 16.

From Peddling Peril by David Albright:

“With the global spread of technology and rapid growth in international trade, smugglers find it easier to ply their dangerous trade. It’s simpler now to obtain the materials, equipment, and know-how to produce nuclear weapons than it was ten years ago, and could be simpler still ten years from now… Over the next several years, many states in dangerous regions of the world, along with terrorist organizations, are expected to pursue nuclear weapons. Governments’ ability to detect and stop this perilous trade remains limited. Too often, major successes in thwarting nuclear proliferation have depended on the last line of defense—military attacks, intelligence operations, and cargo seizures. As important as these measures are, it is risky to depend on the last line of defense for our security. A former CIA official who was instrumental in busting the Khan network worries, “Can we count on intelligence when we need it again?” Finding new ways to thwart these efforts is critical.”

Any royalties from the sale of this book go to ISIS.

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