Iran Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Responds to Evidence of New Activity at Parchin Site

May 11, 2012

Iran began to provide an explanation for the activity at the Parchin site seen in the new commercial satellite image by denying that it was associated with cleansing activities for removing nuclear contaminants. Iran should state what these activities were. Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Ramin Mehmanparast stated that nuclear material contamination could not be washed away. This is not true. The concern is that washing could be incorporated into an effort to cleanse the building. The process could involve grinding down the surfaces inside the building, collecting the dust and then washing the area thoroughly. This could be followed with new building materials and paint. It could also involve removing any dirt around the building thought to contain contaminants. These types of activities could be effective in defeating environmental sampling. Separately, the most significant aspect of the April 9, 2012 satellite image is that there is any activity at all taking place after the IAEA revealed in its November 2011 Safeguards report that it wants to visit this building.

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