From Iran’s Nuclear Archive: Organizational Chart of Project 110, Amad Supraorganizational Plan

May 15, 2019

Figure. Translation of a Nuclear Archive chart depicting the organizational structure of Project 110, showing its four main components (in red): the Warhead, Midan, Operating System, and Simulation projects. The Warhead project was charged with fitting the nuclear warhead into the re-entry vehicle of a Shahab-3 ballistic missile, including fusing, arming, and firing mechanisms. The Midan project was responsible for creating a nuclear test site for a 10 kiloton detonation and methods to estimate the yield of a nuclear detonation. The Operating System project was charged with the task of creating a complex to develop and build nuclear weapons. The Shock Generator, [Neutron] Source, and Core subprojects are listed under the Operating System project. As far as can be understood based on currently available information, the Simulation project was involved in theoretical and software aspects of developing and manufacturing nuclear weapons.

Translator’s notes: Commander can also be translated as commissioner. The extra white lines on the mid-left of the chart are from the original diagram.

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