1999 Scorecard on Fissile Material Controls

January 1, 2000

Category Grade
I) Ending the production of fissile material for nuclear weapons C
a) Unilateral initiatives by the five acknowledged nuclear weapon states to end the production of fissile materials for weapons A-
b) Ending the production in other states D
c) Obtaining a Fissile Material Cutoff Treaty B-
II) Protecting and reducing the military stocks of fissile materials in the nuclear weapon states C
a) Declaring military stocks to be excess C-
b) Placing excess military stocks under international safeguards or verification B
c) Disposing of excess HEU B-
d) Disposing of excess plutonium D+
e) Establishing verifiable warhead dismantlement C-
III) Protecting fissile materials from theft C+
a) Improving protection and accounting systems in the Former Soviet Union D+
b) Improving physical protection world-wide B+
IV) Creating inventory transparency C+
a) Military stocks D+
b) Civil stocks B+
V) Ending the proliferation of nuclear weapons C+
a) Strengthened IAEA safeguards A-
b) Working towards NPT universality and nuclear-weapon-free zones B-
c) Dealing with violators of international non-proliferation commitments or inspections D
d) Improving export controls C+
VI) Reducing the threat posed by civil stocks of fissile material C-
a) Minimizing stocks of separated civil plutonium D+
b) Eliminating civil HEU C
VII) Establishing acceptable nuclear waste repositories F

Overall Grade of all Categories: C

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