Korean Peninsula: Conferences, Videos & Testimony


Nuclear Non-Proliferation Course May 3, 2018


Testimony of David Albright on North Korea before House Financial Services Committee
David Albright September 13, 2017


House Subcommittee Testimony of David Albright on North Korea’s Nuclear Program
David Albright September 14, 2016


A Dangerous Nexus: Preventing Iran-Syria-North Korea Nuclear and Missile Proliferation
David Albright April 15, 2013


Annual Threat Assessment of the US Intelligence Community February 2, 2010


ISIS Event: Report from North Korea February 21, 2007 David Albright and Joel Wit report on the findings from their February 2007 trip to North Korea.

Report from Pyongyang: North Korea’s Nuclear Future
David Albright and Joel Wit February 14, 2007


Verified, Irreversible, Cooperative Dismantlement of North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons Program June 1, 2004


Refreezing Yongbyon: Developing an Effective Approach David Albright July 1, 2003 Presented at a series of workshops in the summer of 2003

Cooperative Verified Dismantlement of Nuclear Programs:  An Eye Toward North Korea
David Albright and Corey Hinderstein June 1, 2003 Presented at the Institute for Nuclear Materials Management Annual Conference June 2003


Building Nuclear Confidence on the Korean Peninsula: Proceedings of the July 23-24, 2001 Workshop July 23, 2001

Weapons of Mass Destruction and North Korea: U.S.-Korea Working Group
David Albright May 10, 2001


Summary of David Albright’s Remarks at the Carnegie North Korea Roundtable December 1, 2000


IAEA Director General Hans Blix Tours North Korean Nuclear Sites May 11, 1992