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Understanding the Lessons of Nuclear Inspections and Monitoring in Iraq: A Ten-Year Review

June 14, 2001

Available Transcripts

The Emerging Bush Administration Approach to Addressing Iraq’s WMD and Missile Programs

    Robert Einhorn, Assistant Secretary of State for Non-Proliferation, U.S. Department of State Uncovering the Secret Program—Initial Inspections Dimitri Perricos, Director, Division of Planning and Operations, UN Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC) Jere Nichols, Consultant Reflections on Establishing and Implementing the Post-Gulf War Inspections of Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction Programs Robert Gallucci, Dean, Edmund Walsh School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University and former Deputy Executive Director of UNSCOM

Panel: Lessons Learned and Looking Forward

Garry Dillon, former Leader, IAEA Action Team

Ephraim Asculai, Senior Research Fellow, ISIS

Michael Eisenstadt, Senior Fellow, The Washington Institute for Near East Policy

David Albright, President, ISIS


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