ISIS in the News

November 2015

"Nuclear TestSilent Arsenal: Israel's Nukes, by the Numbers," Sputnik News. November 23, 2015

"Report: Israel has 115 nuclear warheads, 660kg of plutonium," Ynet. November 21, 2015

Yossi Melman, "Study estimates Israel's nuclear weapon count stands at 115," Jerusalem Post. November 21, 2015

Amir Oren, "Israel Has 115 Nuclear Warheads, U.S. Research Institute Says," Haaretz. November 21, 2015

"Iran removes centrifuges from enrichment plants," World Nuclear News. November 19, 2015

Walter Pincus, "IAEA’s coming report on Iran will likely give more fodder to deal’s critics," Washington Post. November 16, 2015

"India estimated to have 75-125 nuclear weapons, says US think tank," IANS. November 3, 2015

"India's nuclear programme among largest in developing nations: US report," INP. November 3, 2015

"India's nuclear power programmes among largest in developing nations: US-based report Read more at: http://economictimes.india," Press Trust of India. November 2, 2015

October 2015

James reinl, "US-Pakistan talks: Nukes, India, the Taliban, and China," Al Jazeera. October 22, 2015

Natalie Obiko and Angela Greiling Keane, "Obama Sets Sights on Pakistan’s Nuclear Program After Iran," Washington Post/Bloomberg. October 21, 2015

Elizabeth Shim, "No signs of North Korea nuclear test, says former U.S. envoy," UPI. October 20, 2015

"Iran nuclear deal officially adopted," MSNBC. October 19, 2015

"It’s launch time for the Iran nuclear deal, but will there be any action?," PBS Newshour. October 18, 2015

"US, South Korea ready to 'engage' denuclearized North Korea," Deutsche Welle. October 17, 2015

"North Korea marks key anniversary with massive celebration," Japan Times. October 10, 2015

"N Korea can reach West Coast with nuclear bomb, US says," CNN. October 9, 2015

September 2015

Louis Charbonneau and John Irish, "Experts urge release of details of IAEA inspection at Iran site," Reuters. September 18, 2015

"N.K. building isotope separation facility to build more powerful nuclear bombs: U.S. institute," Yonhap. September 16, 2015

"N. Korea 'hot cell' unit could mean better, larger nuclear bombs: US experts," Agence France-Presse. September 16, 2015

Julian Borger, "North Korea's renewed nuclear threat keeps experts guessing," The Guardian. September 15, 2015

Jethro Mullen, "North Korea warns U.S. it's ready to use nuclear weapons 'any time," CNN. September 15, 2015

Ryan Biek, Kate Grumke, "North Korea May Be Running Its Main Nuclear Facility," Knoxville News Sentinel. September 15, 2015

Francis Whittaker, "North Korea Says It Has Restarted Its Main Nuclear Reactor," BuzzFeed News. September 15, 2015

Brian Todd, "Is North Korea preparing nuke test?," CNN. September 9, 2015

Francois Murphy, "North Korea apparently building at nuclear site, IAEA says," Reuters. September 7, 2015

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