ISIS in the News

July 2015

Michael Bowman, "Washington Awaits Outcome of Iran Talks," Voice of America. July 5, 2015

Louis Charbonneau, "The US is defending one of its biggest enemies in the name of a nuclear deal," Reuters. July 5, 2015

Dan De Luce, "Even if Obama Wins an Iran Nuclear Deal in Vienna, Can He Sell It at Home?," Foreign Policy. July 5, 2015

"Iran Complying With Interim Nuclear Deal, UN Watchdog Says," Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty. July 2, 2015

Michael Shields, Louis Charbonneau, and Shadia Nasralla, "IAEA says Iran uranium stockpile reduced, but questions remain," Reuters. July 1, 2015

"Nuclear Experts: Iran Failed to Properly Convert its Uranium Stockpile, Violating JPOA," The Tower. July 1, 2015

June 2015

Anthony Capaccio, "Bunker-Buster Bomb No Sure Way to Stop Iran If Negotiations Fail," Bloomberg. June 30, 2015

Jonathan S. Landay, "Nuclear talks may hinge on Iran OKing military site inspections," McClatchy. June 26, 2015

Armin Rosen, "Experts are calling one of the central tenants of Obama's Iran deal into question," Business Insider. June 24, 2015

Olli Heinonen and Simon Henderson, The Washington Institute for Near East Policy, "There's a huge problem with Obama's claims about Iranian nuclear breakout under a final deal Read more: http://www.washingtonin," Business Insider. June 17, 2015

Michael R. Gordon and David E. Sanger, "U.S. Could Lift Sanctions Before Iran Accounting," New York Times. June 16, 2015

Jeffery Lewis, "The Great Iranian Low-Enriched Uranium Stockpile Panic Of June 2015," Foreign Policy. June 4, 2015

"Iran’s Uranium Hoard," Wall Street Journal. June 3, 2015

Felicia Schwartz, "Kerry Adviser Marie Harf in Twitter Fight Over Iran Nukes," Wall Street Journal. June 3, 2015

Nick Gass, "State Dept. aide in Twitter war with New York Times Read more:," Politico. June 3, 2015

David E. Sanger and William J. Broad, "Iran’s Nuclear Stockpile Grows, Complicating Negotiations," New York Times. June 1, 2015

May 2015

Joseph Menn, "Exclusive: U.S. tried Stuxnet-style campaign against North Korea but failed - sources," Reuters. May 29, 2015

Kim Zetter, "The US Tried to Stuxnet North Korea’s Nuclear Program," Wired. May 29, 2015

"North Korea Claaims Nukes Capable of Hitting U.S.," CNN. May 20, 2015

George Jahn, "AP Interview: UN Nuke Agency Head, Iranian Officials Differ," Associated Press. May 12, 2015

"North Korea expands its nuclear arsenal," CNN. May 8, 2015

Howard LaFranchi, " Does Iran deal help rein in nuclear weapons – or expand them?," CS Monitor. May 6, 2015

Jonathan Tirone, "Nuclear Smugglers Abusing Alibaba Listings Challenge Iran Deal," Bloomberg. May 5, 2015

Ankit Panda, "North Korea's Yongbyon Reactor Could Be Back Up and Running," The Diplomat. May 1, 2015

Gabriel Dominguez, "North Korean nuclear reactor may have been operating at low power: experts," Deutsche Welle. May 1, 2015

Glenn Kessler, "Iran’s claim that Israel has 400 nuclear weapons," Washington Post. May 1, 2015

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