ISIS Coverage of State Department Cables on Nonproliferation

ISIS is covering the release of nonproliferation related diplomatic cables and news stories about these cables.

Note to our readers: While ISIS disagrees with the actions of Wikileaks, as nonproliferation researchers, we are obliged to assess information that is now public to inform our own assessments on proliferation related issues. We would be irresponsible not to look at them, and we would not be doing our duty if we refrained from informing the public of our assessment of the now public cables.


ISIS Analysis:

State Department Cables:  United States Pressures China over Limmt, to No Avail
February 3, 2011

U.S. Government Keeps Watch over Burma’s Nuclear Program
December 14, 2010

State Department Cables: Stopping Iran’s and North Korea’s Illicit Procurement for their Nuclear and Ballistic Missile Programs
December 10, 2010


Websites of news organizations releasing the cables:

The Guardian’s cable database

El Pais’ State Department documents page

Le Monde’s Wikileaks documents page

Der Spiegel’s Wikileaks web page

The New York Times’ diplomatic cache