November 29, 1999

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Issue Brief

Reestablishing UN Security Council Weapons Inspections in Iraq

WASHINGTON, DC - The Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS) today released an issue brief that pieces together on-going UN Security Council efforts to craft a "comprehensive resolution" that would reestablish inspections of Iraq's programs to develop biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver them. The five- page issue brief is can be found here.

According to media reports, the Security Council may be within a few weeks of voting on a resolution. This vote would follow months of negotiations among the Security Council's permanent five members to reach agreements on key points.

A November 10 draft resolution includes sections which would create a new inspection organization-the UN Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission ("UNMOVIC")-to replace the now defunct UN Special Commission ("UNSCOM") to carry out inspections and monitoring of Iraq's proscribed biological, chemical and missile programs. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Action Team would resume its inspection and monitoring activities of Iraq's nuclear program. The draft resolution would further instruct UNMOVIC and the IAEA to develop and implement "clearly defined and programs" and identify a list of "key remaining disarmament tasks" that must be fulfilled by Iraq before sanctions are "suspended."

ISIS has been following the negotiations based on this November 10 draft "as best it can, given the secrecy that has surrounded them," according to the issue brief. In doing so, ISIS has identified several concerns and potentially unresolved issues that the Security Council needs to address, including:

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