Daily News: Obama and Iran Foreign Minister Shake Hands at U.N./2015

September 19, 2013

"Burma Signs New Nuclear Deal With IAEA" Voice of America / September 17, 2013 Burma and the U.N. nuclear agency have signed an agreement that will give international inspectors wider access to Burmese facilities.... View Source ›

"North Korea Calls for Return to Six-Party Talks on Unconditional Basis" Yonhap News Agency / September 18, 2013 A high-ranking North Korean official on Wednesday said his government wants to reinvigorate multinational negotiations over its nuclear-weapons program, but only if there are no preconditions.... View Source ›

"U.S. Envoy Rejects Anti-Israeli Nuclear Measure" Reuters / September 18, 2013 The United States on Tuesday spoke out against a resolution before a U.N. body condemning Israeli nuclear weapons, arguing the proposal would hamper efforts to ban weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East.... View Source ›

Tracy Connor, "Iran's president Rouhani: We will never develop nuclear weapons" NBC News / September 18, 2013 Iranian President Hassan Rouhani told NBC News on Wednesday that the country will never develop nuclear weapons and that he has the clout to make a deal with the West on the disputed atomic program.... View Source ›

"Pakistan fears abduction of nuclear scientist A Q Khan by US troops, ups his security" National Turk / September 19, 2013 Pakistan has increased security of its nuclear scientist and father of country’s nuclear programme Dr Abdul Qadir Khan fearing that he may be abducted or killed in a surprise raid by US elite troops.... View Source ›

"Following Agni 5 Success India Plans Longer-Range Missile" Global Security Newswire / September 18, 2013 Emboldened by Sunday's launch of the nuclear-capable Agni 5, Indian weapon designers are turning their focus to developing a next-generation missile with an initial range of 3,700 miles.... View Source ›

Sandeep Dikshit, J. Venkatesan, "Manmohan may carry nuclear liability dilution as gift for U.S. companies" The Hindu / September 19, 2013 Under sustained pressure from the Obama administration, the Manmohan Singh government is looking to use the opinion of the Attorney- General to effectively neutralise a key provision of India’s nuclear liability law that would hold American reactor suppliers liable in the event of an accident caused by faulty or defective equipment.... View Source ›

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