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November 2013

"Signs point to North Korea restarting plutonium reactor," AFP. November 29, 2013

"IAEA says NKorea images suggest reactor restart," The Japan Times. November 28, 2013

Roy Gutman and Jonathan S. Landay, "Experts: Interim deal paves the way only for still tougher Iran nuclear talks," McClatchy. November 27, 2013

Chris Good, "Iran Checklist: What Needs to Happen (and What Could Go Wrong)," ABC News. November 26, 2013

Jim Lobe, "Iran Deal Gains Traction Despite Netanyahu and Republican Dissent," Inter Press Service. November 26, 2013

Sreeja VN, "South Africa Says Seized Uranium Is Not Enriched And The Nuclear Material Is Not From The Continent," International Business Times. November 26, 2013

Colin H. Kahl, "A Good Deal in Geneva," Foreign Policy. November 25, 2013

Michael R. Gordon, "With Iran’s nuclear program frozen, tougher talks loom," The New York Times. November 25, 2013

Jed Babbin, "Obama Gives Iran the Bomb," The American Spectator. November 25, 2013

"'Now the difficult part starts' for crafting pact with Iran on nuclear program," The New York Times. November 25, 2013

Eli Lake, "Why the Iranian Nuclear Deal Is Dangerous," The Daily Beast. November 25, 2013

Ari Yashar, "Key Omission: Parchin not Mentioned in Iran Deal," Israel National News. November 25, 2013

David Albright, "The rocky path to a long-term settlement with Iran," The Washington Post. November 25, 2013

"Iran nuclear deal 'loophole' may allow off-site reactor work," Reuters. November 25, 2013

Jeremy A. Kaplan, "Not neutralized: Iran’s uranium only 'temporarily' converted, experts say," Fox News. November 25, 2013

Fredrik Dahl, "Factbox: Heightened, vital role for U.N. inspectors in Iran nuclear deal," Reuters. November 24, 2013

"Analysts: Iran Deal “Beginning of End” of Sanctions Regime, U.S. Caved on Enrichment “Right”," The Tower. November 24, 2013

Fred Fleitz, "Iran Deal: Not as Bad as It Could Be, but Still Bad," National REview. November 24, 2013

Oren Dorell, "Analysis: Iran nuclear deal needs hard look," USA Today. November 24, 2013

"Israel PM says Iran deal ‘historic mistake’," Egypt Independent. November 24, 2013

Fredrik Dahl, "Iran nuclear deal seen reducing bomb risk despite Israeli criticism," Reuters. November 24, 2013

Michael Hirsh, "The Iran Deal: Is This Nixon Goes to China? Could be…," National Journal. November 24, 2013

"Experts Say Deal Eases Iran Bomb Threat — Despite Israel Objections," Reuters. November 24, 2013

"Understanding the Deal With Iran," The New York Times. November 24, 2013

David Gerstman, "Giving up Something for Nothing in Geneva Iran talks," Legal Insurrection. November 22, 2013

"Analysts Double Down on Minimum Requirements for Robust Interim Deal with Iran," The Tower. November 21, 2013

"Iran Nuclear Deal Would Halt Progress to Bomb — Not Prevent It," Reuters. November 21, 2013

Geoff Dyer, "Mistrust overshadows fresh Iranian nuclear talks," Financial Times. November 20, 2013

Reza Kahlili, "Iranian leader: Nuclear negotiations merely a maneuver to reach Islamic goal," The Daily Caller. November 20, 2013

"Amid Fears that Iran Deal Will Put Iran Closer to Nuke, Israel Emphasizes Readiness To Go It Alone," The Tower. November 19, 2013

Fred Fleitz, "Defining Compliance Down ," National Review. November 19, 2013

Terry Atlas, "Talks Put Iran’s Nuclear Program in the Spotlight: Q&A," Bloomberg. November 18, 2013

Oren Dorell, "Iran has developed a new nuclear site, dissidents say," USA Today. November 18, 2013

Fredrik Dahl, "U.N. inspectors would play central role in Iran nuclear deal," Reuters. November 18, 2013

"Cornyn, colleagues highlight key concerns over Iran nuclear offer," Your Houston News. November 17, 2013

Noah Beck, "Op-Ed: Can Israel Survive Obama?," Israeli National News. November 15, 2013

"Analysts: Israel “Right to Be Wary,” Has “Good Reason to Worry” Over Iran Deal Terms," The Tower. November 14, 2013

Joby Warrick, "U.N. officials say Iran has slowed work on atomic facilities," The Washington Post. November 14, 2013

Adam Kredo, "Fmr. U.S. Officials: Iran Nuke Inspection Deal Falls Short," The Washington Free Beacon. November 12, 2013

"Determining the Irreducible Elements of an Interim Agreement with Iran: A Freeze Plus," Defense Update. November 12, 2013

Noah Beck, "Obama's catastrophic moves on Iran," The Commentator. November 12, 2013

Tom Rogan, "How President Obama can achieve a nuclear deal with Iran," The Guardian. November 12, 2013

"Editorial: Eyes wide open on an Iran nuclear deal," Chicago Tribune. November 12, 2013

"How close is Iran to a nuclear weapon?," PBS Newshour. November 9, 2013

"Iran nuclear talks: uranium enrichment explained," AFP. November 8, 2013

Elad Benari, "Report: U.S. to Allow Iran to Continue Enriching," Israel National News. November 8, 2013

Geoff Dyer, James Blitz and Lina Saigol, "Iran nears interim nuclear deal with US," Financial Times. November 8, 2013

Julian Borger, "Does Pakistan have nuclear weapons ready to ship to Saudi Arabia?," The Guardian. November 7, 2013

Ted Poe, " The Iranians are feeling the pinch," The Jerusalem Post. November 7, 2013

Jonathan Tirone, Indira A.R. Lakshmanan and Kambiz Foroohar, "Iran Nuclear Deal Edges Closer as Geneva Talks Gather Pace," Bloomberg Businessweek. November 7, 2013

Michael Wilner and Herb Keinon, "Israel rebuffs alleged Iranian nuclear offer," The Jerusalem Post. November 6, 2013

Jared Silverman, "Has U.S. lost touch with Mideast reality?," New Jersey Jewish News. November 6, 2013

Claudia Rosett, "Iran's Worrisome Shipping News," The Wall Street Journal. November 4, 2013

Sen. Marco Rubio, "Pressure Iran with tighter sanctions," Politico. November 3, 2013

Reza Kahlili, "Ayatollah Khamenei: US should ‘slap’ Sheldon Adelson, cannot stop Iran’s nuclear program," The Daily Caller. November 3, 2013

Stuart Winer, "IAEA chief: Iran showing new willingness in nuclear talks," The Times of Israel. November 2, 2013

October 2013

"Editorial: The squeeze on Iran," Chicago Tribune. October 31, 2013

"LETTER – Take action to strengthen sanctions on Iran," Jewish Ledger. October 30, 2013

"Iran, IAEA hold ‘very productive’ nuclear talks," Gulf Times. October 30, 2013

Eli Lake, "Iran’s Nuclear Black Box," The Daily Beast. October 30, 2013

Kenneth R. Timmerman, "Hold the line on Iranian nuclear weapons," The Washington Times. October 29, 2013

Jennifer Rubin, "Iran: Is it too late?," The Washington Post. October 29, 2013

Jonathan S. Tobin, "Iran Passes the Point of Nuclear No Return," Commentary Magazine. October 29, 2013

Karl Vick, "If Iran Can Get This Reactor Online, Israel May Not Be Able to Bomb It," Time. October 29, 2013

"Iran ‘Two Weeks’ From Nuclear Weapon Capability," The Jewish Week. October 29, 2013

Rick Moran, "Former IAEA official: Iran has 'passed the point of no return' in its nuke program," American Thinker. October 29, 2013

"Iran 'already past point of no return,' warns ex-IAEA official," Israel Hayom. October 29, 2013

"Iran: "New chapter of cooperation" in U.N. nuke talks," CBS. October 29, 2013

"PM: 'Iran can enrich uranium from 3.5% to 90% in weeks'," Israel Hayom. October 28, 2013

Sunny Peter, "Israel Warns of Unilateral Action Based on Nuclear Bomb Report as U.S. Hits Pause on New Sanctions against Iran," International Business Times. October 28, 2013

Jeffrey Cavanaugh , "Will America’s Mideast Allies Give Peace A Chance?," MintPress News. October 28, 2013

Stuart Winer, "IAEA chief calls for ‘concrete progress’ in Iran talks," The Times of Israel. October 28, 2013

"'Hostage Taker' invited to the White House," WND. October 28, 2013

David C. Jennings, "Iran closes in on viable nuclear weapon," Canada Free Press. October 28, 2013

Steve Huntley, "Best bet with Iran: new sanctions," Chicago Sun Times. October 28, 2013

"Iran pledges "new approaches" with U.N. nuclear agency," CBS News. October 28, 2013

Rafael Ahren, "‘Iran two weeks away from weapons-grade uranium’," The Times of Israel. October 28, 2013

Herb Keinon and Michael Wilner, "PM says world's talks 'useful' to Iran because it 'buys them more time'," The Jerusalem Post. October 28, 2013

Jay Newton-Small, "White House Spars With Congress Over New Iran Sanctions," Time. October 28, 2013

"Israel issues warning to Iran over nuclear bomb report," Fox News. October 27, 2013

"Breakout time’: Report details how Iran could achieve undetectable nuclear capability," World Tribune. October 27, 2013

"US against new sanctions as Iran prepares to protect ‘inalienable’ nuclear right at P5+1 talks," RT. October 26, 2013

"Bad or mad?," The Economist. October 26, 2013

"Iran Could Have Bomb-Grade Uranium in a Month," CNN - The Situation Room. October 25, 2013

"Report: Iran Could Build Bomb in a Month," Global Security Newswire. October 25, 2013

Diane Barnes, "Iran Nuclear-Fuel Plan Spurs Uncertainty in West," Global Security Newswire. October 25, 2013

Noga Tarnopolsky, "Divisions over Iran could delay progress on Middle East peace," Global Post. October 25, 2013

Adam Kredo, "Iran Announces 34 New Nuke Sites," The Washington Free Beacon. October 25, 2013

"Report: Iran able to arm nuclear bomb more quickly," CBS News. October 25, 2013

"Report: Iran weeks away from nuke," JTA. October 25, 2013

Oren Dorell, "Israel issues warning on report on Iran bomb," USA Today. October 25, 2013

"Nuclear Iran A Month Away, With Obama, Bush To Blame," October 25, 2013

Elad Benari, "Diplomats: No Proof Iran Has Stopped 20 Percent Enrichment," Israel National News. October 25, 2013

Jay Solomon, "White House, Congress Clash on Iran," The Wall Street Journal. October 25, 2013

Erick Stakelbeck, "Israel's Moment of Reckoning Coming on Iran Nukes," CBN NEws. October 25, 2013

Jijo Jacob, "Iran can Make Uranium for Nuclear Bomb in Just One Month - Report," International Business Times. October 25, 2013

"White House Says Iran Must Take “Concrete Steps” to Gain Sanctions Relief," The Tower. October 25, 2013

"Report: Iran Close to Having Material for Nuke," UPI. October 25, 2013

"Israel issues warning on report on Iran bomb," WUSA9. October 25, 2013

"Report: Iran could build nuclear bomb within one month," Israel Hayom. October 25, 2013

"ISIS estimates Iran could build a nuclear bomb within a month," The Jerusalem Post. October 25, 2013

Majid Rafizadeh , "Emboldening and Empowering Islamic Fundamentalists," Frontpage Mag. October 25, 2013

"Iran may be just a month away from a bomb – report ," Debka. October 25, 2013

"Iran may be one month from nuclear bomb," Haaretz. October 25, 2013

Joshua Davidovich, "New report says Iran can have nuclear bomb in a month," The Times of Israel. October 25, 2013

Oren Dorell, "Report: Iran may be month from a bomb," USA Today. October 25, 2013

Matt Cantor, "Iran Could Have Bomb in a Month: Report," Newser. October 25, 2013

Jethro Mullen, "Nuclear group: Time Iran would need to make uranium for a bomb 'too short'," CNN. October 25, 2013

"Experts: “Inherent Limits” To Iran Transparency Offers, “Cannot Address Fully the Risk” of Breakout," The Tower. October 24, 2013

"Senior lawmaker says Iran has halted 20 pct enrichment," Reuters. October 24, 2013

"Factbox: U.N. nuclear agency seeks access to Iranian sites, officials," Reuters. October 24, 2013

Joby Warrick, "Rift widens on Iranian nuclear deal as Israel, Arabs warn against allowing enrichment," The Washington Post. October 24, 2013

Ankit Panda, "Experts Disagree on Recent North Korean Nuke Advances," The Diplomat. October 22, 2013

"Teheran asked to slow, not halt, enrichment," Oman Tribune. October 21, 2013

"US disputes N.Korea nuclear progress," AFP. October 20, 2013

"There’s a chink of hope," The Economist. October 19, 2013

Jonathan Tirone, "Iran gives ground on monitoring," The Sydney Morning Herald. October 17, 2013

"No 'snap' nuclear inspections, Iran says," USA Today. October 16, 2013

Rick Gladstone, "Examining the Status of Iran’s Nuclear Program and Talks," The New York Times. October 16, 2013

Oren Dorell, "Iranian official wants year to resolve nuclear issue," USA Today. October 15, 2013

"Are Iran's Centrifuges Just Few Turns From A Nuclear Bomb?," WWNO. October 14, 2013

Carol J. Williams, "Obstacles to Iran nuclear deal: Secrets, lies, political infighting," Los Angeles Times. October 14, 2013

Yeganeh Torbati and Fredrik Dahl, "Iran rejects West's demand to ship out uranium stockpiles," Reuters. October 13, 2013

Fredrik Dahl, "Iran's defiant nuclear expansion raises bar for Geneva talks," Reuters. October 11, 2013

Azriel Bermant, "Even military action will not remove the danger of Iran," The JC. October 10, 2013

"Leaked Iran Proposal Draws Attention to Debunked 20 Percent Concession," The Tower. October 9, 2013

"S. Korea confirms North's Yongbyon plutonium reactor restart," AFP. October 8, 2013

Shlomo Cesana, Yoni Hirsch, "US expert: Iran could have nuclear weapon by mid-2014," Israel Hayom. October 6, 2013

Amos Harel, "Iran: The facts are clear, what they mean is something else," Haaretz. October 6, 2013

Jeff Seldin, "Iran Wants Sanctions Relief Amid New Nuclear Talks," Voice of America. October 5, 2013

Mike Wereschagin , "In Internet age, cars, homes more vulnerable to hackers," Trib Live. October 5, 2013

Jonathan S. Landay, "Biggest hurdle to deal on Iranian nuclear program may be talking about the past," McClatchy Washington Bureau. October 4, 2013

"More proof of North Korea reactor: US," AAP. October 3, 2013

Choe Sang-hun, "Signs Suggest North Korea Has Restarted Nuclear Reactor," The New York Times. October 3, 2013

Fredrik Dahl, "U.N. nuclear fuel bank could be inaugurated by late 2014: donor," Reuters. October 2, 2013

Narayan Lakshman, "U.S. think-tank slams India’s alleged covert nuke trade," The Hindu. October 2, 2013

September 2013

"U.S. National Security Adviser: Deal With Iran Will Prohibit Uranium Enrichment," The Tower. September 30, 2013

Lily Kuo, "North Korea doesn’t need China’s exports to build its nuclear weapons program," Quartz. September 25, 2013

Choe Sang-Hun, "North Korea seen mastering nuclear arms," The Boston Globe. September 24, 2013

"North Korea acquires key components needed to enrich uranium," The Telegraph. September 24, 2013

Jane Perlez, "China Bans Some Exports to North Korea for Fear of Weapons Use," The New York Times. September 24, 2013

Yochi Dreazen, "Forget the Handshake," Foreign Policy. September 24, 2013

"China lists items banned from exports to N. Korea," UPI. September 24, 2013

Indira A.R. Lakshmanan and Kambiz Foroohar , "Iran’s UN Diplomacy Leaves Hard Work on a Nuclear Deal," Bloomberg. September 23, 2013

Ilan Berman, "Iran's Charm Offensive - And Why We Should Be Skeptical," Forbes. September 23, 2013

Myra MacDonald, "Despite thaw, resolving Iranian nuclear dispute a huge challenge," Reuters. September 22, 2013

"America, Russia and Syria Style and substance," The Economist. September 21, 2013

"Iran's Nuclear Program "Quite Advanced"," PBS Newshour. September 21, 2013

Ben McGrath, "US officials turn down North Korean offer of nuclear talks," World Socialist Web Site. September 20, 2013

Tim Lister, "Israelis worry not about al-Assad, but about the 'Persian bazaar'," CNN. September 20, 2013

"Analysts Question Rouhani Interview Claims on Nukes, Empowerment," The Tower. September 19, 2013

Scott Peterson, "Hopes are high for Iran's 'diplomatic sheikh' on eve of UN visit," Christian Science Monitor. September 19, 2013

John Hofilena, "North Korea signals for nuclear talks to restart ‘without preconditions’," Japan Daily Press. September 19, 2013

Joseph Klein, "President Obama’s New Pen Pal," Front Page. September 18, 2013

"N. Korea wants "unconditional" nuclear talks," Kuwait News Agency. September 18, 2013

"N. Korea urges restart of nuclear talks ‘without preconditions’," RT. September 18, 2013

"U.N. nuclear watchdog to gain wider access in Myanmar," Reuters. September 17, 2013

"Burma Signs New Nuclear Deal With IAEA," Voice of America. September 17, 2013

"Analysts: Claims that Iran Significantly Slashed 20 Percent-Enriched Uranium at Odds with U.N. Report, Physical Capabilities," The Tower. September 17, 2013

"Nuclear reactivation?," Yonhap News Agency. September 16, 2013

Sam Kim, "North Korea Gets Boost as Workers Flood Into Gaeseong: Economy," Bloomberg. September 15, 2013

"US hopes Japan, China manage rows through 'friendly' means," Kyodo News International. September 14, 2013

Ben Armbruster, "Amid Syria Crisis, North Korea Reportedly Restarts Nuclear Facility," Think Progress. September 13, 2013

"North Korea marches towards nuclear deterrent," Daily Times. September 13, 2013

Fredrik Dahl, "U.S., Israel press Syria over nuclear stonewalling," Reuters. September 13, 2013

"North Korea may be restarting plutonium reactor," UPI. September 12, 2013

"N. Korea "probably" restarting nuclear reactor: U.S. observers," Kyodo News International. September 12, 2013

"North Korea 'appears to have restarted a nuclear reactor'," DW. September 12, 2013

Madison Park, "Satellite images suggest North Korea's Yongbyon nuclear reactor restarted," CNN. September 12, 2013

Cheryl K. Chumley, "North Korea appears to have restarted reactor at plutonium facility: satellite," The Washington Times. September 12, 2013

Sam Kim, "North Korea May Have Restarted Nuclear Reactor at Yongbyon," Bloomberg. September 12, 2013

"Steam Seen Coming Out of N. Korea Reactor in Sign of Likely Restart," Global Security Newswire. September 12, 2013

Lee Chi-dong, "Pentagon 'very concerned' about N. Korea's nuclear activity," Yonhap News Agency. September 12, 2013

Joby Warrick, "U.S. also demands Syrian transparency on nuclear research," The Washington Post. September 12, 2013

David E. Sanger, William J. Broad, Choe Sang-Hun, "North Korea Appears to Restart Plutonium Reactor," The New York Times. September 11, 2013

Nadav Eyal, "A Very Israeli Linkage: Iran's Nuclear Bomb and Peace With Palestine," The Daily Beast. September 10, 2013

"U.N. Nuclear Watchdog: “Essential and Urgent” for Iran to Address Nuke Program," The Tower. September 9, 2013

"U.S., E.U. close to resuming talks on Iran’s nuclear program," New Haven Register. September 6, 2013

Sam Kim, "North Korea Could Launch a Nuclear-Weapon Strike, South Says," Bloomberg. September 3, 2013

"DPRK capable of weaponizing nuclear program: S. Korean defense ministry," Xinhua. September 3, 2013

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