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February 2014

Oren Dorell, "Iran advancing its nuclear program despite pact with West," USA Today. February 28, 2014

"UN nuclear agency shelved sensitive Iran report, sources say," Israel Hayom. February 28, 2014

Fredrik Dahl and Louis Charbonneau, "Exclusive: U.N. nuclear agency opted against sensitive Iran report - sources," Reuters. February 27, 2014

Diane Barnes, "Iran Seen Resuming Work at Suspect Military Base," Global Security Newswire. February 26, 2014

Fredrik Dahl and Justyna Pawlak, "Iran, powers seek to agree basis for final nuclear deal," Reuters. February 19, 2014

Thomas Omestad, "Icebergs Ahead," Foreign Policy. February 18, 2014

Fredrik Dahl, "Iran's nuclear research looms as hurdle in talks with powers," Reuters. February 18, 2014

Marissa Newman, "Hard-line stance on Iran making Israel irrelevant, official says," The Times of Israel. February 17, 2014

Claude Salhani, "“The Turkish Bazaar deal” – Iranian leaders draw red lines on nuclear concessions.," Before It's News. February 17, 2014

Claude Salhani, "Iranian leaders are drawing red lines in the sand,," AzerNews. February 16, 2014

Jeff Seldin, "Iran, World Powers Focus In on Final Deal," Voice of America. February 16, 2014

Alan Yu, "How Most Anyone Can Find Photos Of Secret Government Sites," GPB News. February 16, 2014

"‘Breakout time’ focus of Iran nuclear talks," Reuters. February 15, 2014

Fredrik Dahl and Justyna Pawlak, "West aims to minimize nuclear bomb risk in Iran talks," Reuters. February 14, 2014

Eli Lake and Josh Rogin, "Saudi Arabia May Go Nuclear Because of Obama’s Iran Deal," The Daily Beast. February 14, 2014

"Report: Saudi Arabia Wants Uranium-Enrichment Capacity," Global Security Newswire. February 14, 2014

"State Department Briefing by Jen Psaki, Feb. 11, 2014," . February 11, 2014

Michael Wilner, "International security expert to ‘Post’: Iran’s nuclear research might be legally protected," The Jerusalem Post. February 10, 2014

Elad Benari, "Iran Agrees to Provide More Information on Nuclear Program," Arutz Sheva 7. February 10, 2014

"Iran’s nuclear research might be legally protected," The Jerusalem Post. February 10, 2014

"Iran to ‘provide explanations’ about experiments to U.N. nuke agency," Associated Press. February 10, 2014

Tom Paye, "State secrets," CNME. February 9, 2014

George Jahn, "Iran to address UN's nuke weapons concerns," Associated Press. February 9, 2014

"Iran Takes Notable Steps In Nuclear Negotiations," PBS Newshour. February 9, 2014

Mina Fabulous, "Is Iran Open for Business These Days?," News Blaze. February 8, 2014

Glenn Kessler, "President Obama’s claim of ‘unprecedented inspections’ in Iran," The Washington Post. February 6, 2014

Herb Jackson, "Menendez: Be tougher with Iran, but wait for sanctions vote," February 6, 2014

Barbara Crossette , "A Rocky Year May Lie Ahead for India-US Ties," The Nation. February 5, 2014

Indira A.R. Lakshmanan and Kambiz Foroohar, "Iran Willing to Modify Its Arak Reactor, Official Says," Bloomberg. February 5, 2014

Matt Johnson, "As I See It: Matt Johnson on U.S. and Iran," The Kansas City Star. February 4, 2014

Constance Baroudos, "IAEA is Making Headway On Agreement With Iran," Lexington Institute. February 4, 2014

"Video: Senate Foreign Relations Hearing," U.S. Department of State. February 4, 2014

Fredrik Dahl, "U.N. nuclear agency may press Iran on rare isotope in bomb probe," Reuters. February 3, 2014

January 2014

"Less is Less in Foreign Policy," FreeNewsPos. January 31, 2014

Josh Rogin and Eli Lake, "Iran and North Korea: The Nuclear 'Axis of Resistance'," The Daily Beast. January 31, 2014

Raymond Tanter, "A Postmortem for Failure of Nuclear Talks With Iran," Foreign Policy. January 31, 2014

Diane Barnes, "U.S. Intel Chief Confirms Growing North Korean Reactor Relaunch," Global Security Newswire. January 29, 2014

"Iran's 'FINAL DEAL': Disabling Instead of Dismantling?," The Other News. January 29, 2014

"IAEA visits Iranian mine as part of nuclear transparency pact," Reuters. January 29, 2014

"Three Reasons Iran Nuke Deal Will Fail," World Jewish Daily. January 27, 2014

Bradley Klapper and Julie Pace, "US eyes difficulties in next round of Iran talks," Associated Press. January 27, 2014

Frank Miele, "Iran’s nukes are no joke," Daily Inter Lake. January 25, 2014

"Former U.N. weapons inspector Albright: Iran must remove some 15،000 of its 20،000 centrifuges to make a final agreement.," Before It's News. January 25, 2014

Bradley Klapper and Julie Pace, "Talks with Iran over nuclear program face dilemma," Associated Press. January 24, 2014

Jeffrey Goldberg, "More Bad Omens for the Iran Nuclear Talks," Bloomberg. January 24, 2014

Adam Kredo, "Nuke Deal Delays Iran Bomb by One Month," The Washington Free Beacon. January 23, 2014

Susan Crabtree, "White House calls Iranian officials' comments 'spin'," Washington Examiner. January 23, 2014

"Carney Refuses to Contradict Iranian Claim on Centrifuges," The Washington Free Beacon. January 23, 2014

"Iran's Nuclear Capabilities Fast Facts," CNN. January 23, 2014

Elliott Abrams , "Is There an Iran Deal?," Council on Foreign Relations. January 23, 2014

Carl P. Leubsdorf, "Carl Leubsdorf: Hard-liners’ mischief-making threatens Iran nuke talks," Dallas News. January 22, 2014

Jordain Carney, "Report: Iran Still Faces Large Hurdles to Reach Final Nuclear Deal," National Journal. January 21, 2014

"Analysts: Iran Must Do More to Eliminate Nuclear Fears," Global Security Newswire. January 21, 2014

Susan Crabtree, "Rolling back Iran's nuclear program could take 20 years, report says," Washington Examiner. January 21, 2014

Jennifer Rubin, "Congress is an impediment to appeasement," The Washington Post. January 21, 2014

Jay Solomon and Laurence Norman, "Iran Seen Needing Big Steps for Final Deal," The Wall Street Journal. January 20, 2014

Geoff Brumfiel, "Nuclear Inspectors Enter Iran, With Eyes Peeled For Cheating," NPR. January 20, 2014

"The Iran deal Well begun, not nearly done," FreeNewsPos. January 18, 2014

"Russia Jordan relations,Iran:U.S. Senate diplomatic insurance," Before It's News. January 17, 2014

"An open secret: Israel's nuclear weapons," World Bulletin. January 17, 2014

Mark Landler, "A Bill Stokes Debate, and Doubt, on Iran Deal," The New York Times. January 16, 2014

Gary Gambill, "What's worse than an Iranian bomb? An Iranian almost-bomb," On Line Opinion. January 16, 2014

Julian Borger, "The truth about Israel's secret nuclear arsenal," The Guardian. January 15, 2014

Diane Barnes, "Analysts: Iran Sought Broad Uranium-Equipment Latitude Under Deal," Global Security Newswire. January 14, 2014

Shirin Jaafari, "The deal freezing Iran's nuclear program starts in a week," PRI's The World. January 13, 2014

Colum Lynch, John Hudson, "Iran Nuke Deal Finally Reached - Just in Time for Congress to Kill It," Foreign Policy. January 12, 2014

Gary C. Gambill, "What's worse than an Iranian bomb? An Iranian almost-bomb," National Post. January 8, 2014

December 2013

Choe Sang-hun, "Activity Seen at North Korean Nuclear Plant," The New York Times. December 24, 2013

Rachel Oswald, "External Work on Pakistan Plutonium Reactor Looks Nearly Done," Global Security Newswire. December 23, 2013

Erika Johnsen, "Talks resume after Iranians’ walkout while senators plan more sanctions," Hot Air. December 19, 2013

Paul Richter, "Cloud Falls On U.S., Iran Nuke Talks," Tribune Washington Bureau. December 19, 2013

Paul Richter, "U.S. pessimism sets in over Iran nuclear talks," Los Angeles Times. December 18, 2013

"US Expert Says Myanmar Must Answer Questions On Cooperation With N. Korea," Arirang. December 13, 2013

"NORTH KOREA NEWSLETTER NO. 291," Yonhap News Agency. December 12, 2013

"Iran Sees Forward Movement on Nuclear Pact Compliance," Global Security Newswire. December 11, 2013

Fredrik Dahl, "Iran says to set "1386800131" for IAEA visit to uranium mine," Reuters. December 11, 2013

Hei Mun Pang, "Yongbyon Showing Signs of Production," DailyNK. December 11, 2013

Diane Barnes, "Analysts: Iran Halts Alterations at Suspect Military Base," Global Security Newswire. December 11, 2013

"IAEA, Iran discuss next inspection steps," London South East. December 11, 2013

"UPDATE: IAEA says Iran cooperating "as planned" so far," London South East. December 11, 2013

"Iran, UN nuclear agency to meet again on Jan. 21," Tehran Times. December 11, 2013

"Congressman advocates peace with Iran through strength," December 11, 2013

"IAEA says Iran cooperating "as planned" so far," Trend. December 11, 2013

"Experts to thrash out workings of Iran nuclear deal," AFP. December 10, 2013

"Experts thrash out workings of Iran N-deal," The Nation. December 10, 2013

"Uranium facility possible outside Yongbyon: David Albright," Yonhap News Agency. December 9, 2013

"U.N. Inspectors Visit Iran's Heavy Water Reactor At Arak," Reuters. December 8, 2013

Raymond Tanter, "Smoking Guns and Iran," Townhall. December 8, 2013

"IAEA inspectors make initial visit to Iran," PBS NewsHour. December 8, 2013

"Yongbyon pictures 'show nuke activity'," AFP. December 7, 2013

Clara Spera, "Today’s Headlines and Commentary," Lawfare. December 6, 2013

"India expanding nuclear weapon facility, US thinktank claims," The Times of India. December 6, 2013

"More N. Korea nuclear activity reported," AAP. December 6, 2013

"New Delhi amplifies N-weapons site: Report," AFP. December 6, 2013

"US think tank sees more N. Korea nuclear activity," AFP. December 6, 2013

"India expands nuclear weapons site," The Nation. December 6, 2013

Koushik Das, "India ‘Expanding Uranium Enrichment Programme’: US Think Tank," InSerbia. December 6, 2013

Jonathan Cheng, "South Korea's President Park Tells Biden of Plans to Expand Defense Zone," The Wall Street Journal. December 6, 2013

Rachel Oswald, "More Activity Detected at N. Korean Nuclear-Materials Complex," Global Security Newswire. December 6, 2013

Jonathan Cheng, "South Korea's President Park Tells Biden of Plans to Expand Defense Zone," The Wall Street Journal. December 6, 2013

Dean Nelson, "India 'expanding its uranium enrichment programme'," The Telegraph. December 5, 2013

"India raising nuclear weapon capacity: Report," IANS. December 5, 2013

"India building ‘secret’ nuclear weapon site," AFP. December 5, 2013

"India expanding nuclear facilities: US Think Tank," Kashmir Watch. December 5, 2013

"Pakistan Security Brief ," AEI Critical Threats. December 5, 2013

Rachel Oswald, "Indian Enrichment-Plant Construction Believed Nearly Complete," Global Security Newswire. December 5, 2013

Lee Chi-dong, "N. Korea seen expanding activity in Yongbyon nuclear site," Yonhap News Agency. December 5, 2013

"N. Korea may have resumed making nuclear fuel rods: U.S. think tank," Kyodo News International. December 5, 2013

"Report: North Korea's nuclear complex appears increasingly active," UPI. December 5, 2013

"India expanding nuclear weapon facility in Mysore, says report," Deccan Herald. December 5, 2013

"India expanding nuclear weapon facility for military purposes, claims US report," Economic Times. December 5, 2013

Fredrik Dahl, "Iran acting to allow closer monitoring of nuclear program," Reuters. December 5, 2013

"India 'expands nuclear weapons site'," Sky News. December 5, 2013

Shruti Jagirdar, Ana Swanson and Bailey Cahall, "AfPak Daily Brief," Foreign Policy. December 5, 2013

"India expanding nuclear weapons facility: US think-tank," One India. December 5, 2013

Tom Gjelten, "Iran's Nuclear Deal Faces Big Test," NPR. December 4, 2013

Stephen Bryen and Shoshana Bryen, "Iran Deal: Was the West Skinned?," Gatestone Institute. December 4, 2013

"India expands nuclear weapons site: think tank," AFP. December 4, 2013

James A. Lyons, "LYONS: Paving the way for a nuclear Iran," The Washington Times. December 1, 2013

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