Daily News: 07/2014

July 31, 2014

Neil McFarquhar, "Russia: Officials Deny Violating Treaty" The New York Times / July 30, 2014 Russia denied on Wednesday accusations by the United States that it had violated a significant arms control treaty by testing cruise missiles.... View Source ›

"Hackers Raided Israeli Contractors That Built Iron Dome Missile Shield" Nextgov.com / July 30, 2014 Three Israel-based defense firms that architected Israel's “Iron Dome” anti-missile system were hacked, possibly by individuals based in China.... View Source ›

Nick McCrea, "Feds schedule Maine hearings on impact of possible missile defense site" Bangor Daily News / July 30, 2014 The Department of Defense is asking for public input as it prepares environmental impact statements for U.S. locations being considered for potential missile defense sites, including one in Maine.... View Source ›

"U.K. Stays Silent on Nuclear-Arms Pact Extension with United States" Global Security Newswire / July 30, 2014 The United Kingdom never notified British lawmakers that it renewed a key nuclear-arms collaboration pact with Washington, the London Guardian reports.... View Source ›

"Obama Favoring Atomic-Arsenal Spending Over Nuclear Security: Report" Global Security Newswire / July 30, 2014 The White House last year rejected a proposal to speed up nuclear-security work, opting instead to spend more money on modernizing nuclear arms.... View Source ›

July 30, 2014

Patricia Zengerle, "U.S. nuclear negotiator declines setting deadline on Iran deal" Reuters / July 29, 2014 The lead U.S. nuclear negotiator declined to give a final deadline on Tuesday for negotiating a final nuclear agreement with Iran, but said participants mean to finish the international talks at the end of the current four-month extension.... View Source ›

Stacy Kaper, "Lawmakers Not Happy With Iran Talks–but Aren’t Meddling" Gobal Security Newswire / July 29, 2014 There is little faith on Capitol Hill that the administration's negotiations with Iran will thwart its nuclear-weapons objectives—but there also appears to be little appetite to interfere.... View Source ›

"US Calls On Moscow To Get Rid of Banned Arms" AFP / July 29, 2014 Ratcheting up tensions with Moscow, Washington on Tuesday urged Russia to destroy prohibited weapons after it accused Russian leaders of flouting a 1987 treaty banning medium-range cruise missiles.... View Source ›

"Production Decision for Missile-Interceptor Hinges on Review of Failed Test" Gobal Security Newswire / July 29, 2014 Full-rate production of a missile-interceptor planned for fielding in Romania next year remains on hold, pending an ongoing Pentagon review of test results.... View Source ›

Kate Brumback, "Last Crew Member of Enola Gay Dies in Georgia" AP / July 30, 2014 The last surviving member of the crew that dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima once said he thought the bombing was necessary because it shortened the war and eliminated the need for an Allied land invasion that could have cost more lives on both sides.... View Source ›

July 29, 2014

Michael R. Gordon, "U.S. Says Russia Tested Cruise Missile, Violating Treaty" The New York Times / July 29, 2014 The United States has concluded that Russia violated a landmark arms control treaty by testing a prohibited ground-launched cruise missile, according to senior American officials, a finding that was conveyed by President Obama to President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia in a letter on Monday.... View Source ›

"Iran Legislators Eye Bigger Role in Atomic Talks" Global Security Newswire / July 29, 2014 Iran's legislature may take a more active role in nuclear diplomacy, potentially reducing Tehran's flexibility in talks on a global standoff, Asharq al-Awsat reports.... View Source ›

Benoit Faucon and Joel Schectman, "U.S. Pushes to Expedite Some Humanitarian Shipments to Iran" The Wall Street Journal / July 29, 2014 Deal is Part of Temporary Sanctions Easing Program.... View Source ›

Meg Kinnard, "Officials: Funds Secured for Nuclear Fuel Project" Associated Press / July 29, 2014 South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley and members of her state's congressional delegation say federal lawmakers have secured enough money to ensure a nuclear fuel project at the Savannah River Site goes forward.... View Source ›

Harriet McLeod, "U.S. Energy Secretary defends possible German nuke waste imports" Reuters / July 29, 2014 U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz on Monday defended his agency's controversial move to consider processing spent nuclear fuel from Germany at South Carolina's Savannah River Site nuclear facility, saying the proposal is consistent with U.S. efforts to secure highly enriched uranium across the globe.... View Source ›

July 28, 2014

"N. Korea yet to develop 'EMP' bombs: S. Korea" Yonhap News Agency / July 28, 2014 North Korea appears to have not yet developed electromagnetic pulse (EMP) bombs despite its push to secure related technology, South Korea's defense ministry said Monday.... View Source ›

"U.S. official on sanction affairs to visit Seoul this week" Yonhap News Agency / July 28, 2014 A senior U.S. diplomat dealing with sanctions will visit Seoul this week in a bid to discuss developments in Washington's sanctions imposed on Iran and Russia, a government official said Monday.... View Source ›

Derrek Asberry, "DOE official: MOX is ‘preferred solution’" Aiken Standard / July 26, 2014 A high-ranking official in the Energy Department said the Mixed Oxide Fuel Fabrication facility, or MOX, under construction at the Savannah River Site is the “preferred solution” to dispose of weapons-grade plutonium if sustained funding is available over time, despite the federal government’s efforts to place the project in a cold stand-by.... View Source ›

Amy Harder, "Clinton: Any Enrichment by Iran Could Trigger Arms Race" Wall Street Journal / July 27, 2014 Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Sunday that any Iranian uranium enrichment could trigger a nuclear-arms race in the Middle East.... View Source ›

Greta McClain, "Russia uses holiday to remind world of 'nuclear potential' " Digital Journal / July 27, 2014 Amid increased criticism, escalating sanctions and pending lawsuits, Russian President Vladimir Putin used a national holiday to launch two new nuclear submarines and reminded the world that Russia is more than capable of using nuclear weapons.... View Source ›

July 25, 2014

Fredrik Dahl, "IAEA says needs more money to monitor Iran nuclear deal extension: document" Reuters / July 25, 2014 The U.N. atomic watchdog said it needs 1 million euros in extra funding to help pay for its monitoring of a four-month extension of an interim nuclear deal between Iran and six world powers.... View Source ›

"Emerging countries 'looking to nuclear': analysts" Business Spectator / July 24, 2014 Emerging markets will play a major role in the expansion of global nuclear installed capacity, which will increase from 371 Gigawatts (GW) in 2013 to 517 GW by 2025, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 2.5%, according to research and consulting firm GlobalData.... View Source ›

"U.K. Extends Watch on Troubled Nuclear-Arms Site" Global Security Newswire / July 24, 2014 The United Kingdom will carry out a second year of special monitoring at a nuclear-arms site in breach of waste and safety rules, the Basingstoke Gazette reports.... View Source ›

Timothy Cama, "Energy nominee highlights nuclear weapons experience" The Hill / July 24, 2014 Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall told senators Thursday that she has vast experience with defense and nuclear weapons, which would be a major part of her responsibilities as the second highest-ranking official at the Department of Energy (DOE). ... View Source ›

"S. Korea, U.S. to test deterrence plan against N.K. nukes " Yonhap / July 24, 2014 South Korea and the United States plan to implement their deterrence strategy aimed at curbing North Korea's nuclear threats during their upcoming joint exercise next month, defense ministry officials said Thursday.... View Source ›

July 24, 2014

"China calls for U.S. to lower bar for nuclear talks with N. Korea" Yonhap / July 24, 2014 Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Zhang Yesui has told a group of South Korean lawmakers that the United States must lower the bar for resuming long-stalled multilateral talks on ending North Korea's nuclear weapons program, a South Korean delegate who attended the meeting said Thursday.... View Source ›

Ramin Mostaghim , "Missed deadline on Iran nuclear talks sparks a blame game " LA Times / July 23, 2014 The latest snag in negotiations over Iran's nuclear program has set off a round of finger-pointing between the country's hard-liners and reformists..... View Source ›

Patricia Zengerle, "U.S. Republican lawmakers seek greater say on Iran nuclear deal" Reuters / July 23, 2014 U.S. Republican lawmakers introduced legislation on Wednesday that would force President Barack Obama to submit quickly to Congress any comprehensive nuclear agreement with Iran and give lawmakers the chance to reject the deal and reimpose sanctions.... View Source ›

"North Korea to hold anti-money laundering talks" The Korea Herald / July 23, 2014 North Korea will soon hold a meeting with an international organization to discuss measures against money laundering, a news report said Wednesday.... View Source ›

Olli Heinonen and Simon Henderson, "A North Korean in Iran" Foreign Policy / July 23, 2014 The death from natural causes of an old man in North Korea this month should have been the closing chapter of the tale of Pakistan's nuclear and missile cooperation with the Hermit Kingdom. Instead, it may mark the next episode in the saga of Iran's controversial nuclear program.... View Source ›

July 23, 2014

Fredrik Dahl, "IAEA worried about slow progress in Iran nuclear probe: sources" Reuters / July 22, 2014 The U.N. nuclear watchdog is concerned about Iran's current lack of engagement with an investigation into its suspected atomic bomb research, ahead of a deadline next month for Tehran to step up cooperation, diplomatic sources said on Tuesday.... View Source ›

"Iran nuclear talks to resume in early September: state TV " Reuters / July 23, 2014 Iran said on Wednesday nuclear talks with six world powers would resume in early September, according to state television, after both sides agreed to continue talking for four more months to try to reach a final agreement on Tehran's nuclear program.... View Source ›

"US Senate panel approves Vietnam nuclear pact" Thanh Nien News / July 23, 2014 The Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Tuesday approved an agreement on civilian nuclear cooperation between the U.S. and Vietnam, according to an AP report.... View Source ›

"Myanmar Intends to Build 'Research' Atomic Reactors: Minister" Global Security Newswire / July 23, 2014 Myanmar announced on Monday that it intends to build an atomic reactor to support civilian scientific research, The Nation reported. "We need a nuclear reactor for research use as it is very useful in various fields, such as health, agriculture and livestock breeding," Burmese Science and Technology Union Minister Ko Ko Oo said in remarks to lawmakers. ... View Source ›

"S. Korea, China to discuss defense chiefs' hotline, N. Korea " Yonhap / July 23, 2014 North Korea's nuclear and missile programs and setting up a hotline between the defense ministers of South Korea and China will be the focus of Wednesday's high-level talks between senior defense officials from Seoul and Beijing, a diplomat said.... View Source ›

July 22, 2014

Fredrik Dahl and Louis Charbonneau, "West still struggles to cut feared bomb risk in Iran nuclear talks" Reuters / July 21, 2014 Major powers appear to have made only limited headway in making sure Iran will not be able to build an atomic bomb any time soon, underlining the uphill task they face after talks that began in February were extended by four months.... View Source ›

Paul Richter, "Iran's leader appears unbending on core nuclear issues, say experts" Los Angeles Times / July 21, 2014 Iran’s agreement last year to join international negotiations over its disputed nuclear program stirred a new debate about the country’s enigmatic supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.... View Source ›

Rachel Oswald, "Senate Bill Mandates Study of Nuclear-Arms Storage Sites" Global Security Newswire / July 21, 2014 Senate appropriators last week approved a bill that would require the Pentagon to study how to modernize facilities storing U.S. nuclear warheads.... View Source ›

"N. Korea takes sideswipe at China's policy toward Pyongyang" Yonhap News Agency / July 21, 2014 North Korea on Monday took an apparent sideswipe at China for its zero-tolerance policy against Pyongyang's possession of nuclear weapons and its criticism of recent military provocations. ... View Source ›

Sanjay Jog, "India's nuclear capacity could jump threefold by 2023-24: Modi" Business Standard / July 22, 2014 During his four-hour visit to BARC, Modi praised the contribution of nuclear scientists in the successful implementation of India’s three-stage nuclear programme.... View Source ›

July 21, 2014

Paul Richter, "Both sides in Iran nuclear talks make concessions to extend deadline " LA Times / July 18, 2014 Iran and six world powers agreed late Friday to extend their talks on Tehran’s nuclear program for four months, insisting that they have made progress toward a historic deal despite disagreements... View Source ›

Fredrik Dahl, "Iran eliminates sensitive stockpile under interim nuclear deal: IAEA" Reuters / July 20, 2014 Iran has moved to eliminate its most sensitive stockpile of enriched uranium gas under an interim nuclear deal reached with six world powers last year, according to a monthly update by the U.N. nuclear watchdog obtained by Reuters on Sunday.... View Source ›

"Some Russian Lawmakers Want to Withdraw from Key Arms-Control Pact" Global Security Newswire / July 18, 2014 Upset about new U.S. sanctions, some Russian lawmakers think their government should unilaterally pull out of the New START arms control pact.... View Source ›

Paul Richter, "Iran is pushing limits on nuclear deal, former Obama advisor warns " LA Times / July 20, 2014 When Iran and the world powers trying to negotiate a nuclear deal announced late Friday that they would extend their five-month-old talks for an additional four months, they said they had been making "tangible progress" toward a deal..... View Source ›

Jonathan Tirone, "Iran Wanting What Argentina Got Shows Nuclear Market Precedent" Bloomberg / July 20, 2014 War with an industrial power and nuclear technology developed under military rule doesn’t preclude a country from enriching uranium. ... View Source ›

July 18, 2014

Justyna Pawlak and Louis Charbonneau, "West considers early sanctions moves in troubled Iran nuclear talks" Reuters / July 17, 2014 With talks between world powers and Iran over a broad nuclear accord at an impasse, Western governments are considering offering a significant easing of sanctions early on in the process to try to wring concessions from Tehran, diplomats say.... View Source ›

Rachel Oswald, "U.S.-China Nuclear Security Exchanges Hampered by Lingering Suspicions" Global Security Newswire / July 17, 2014 Years after Washington accused China of nuclear espionage, the subject of resuming laboratory-to-laboratory exchanges among scientists remains a sensitive one.... View Source ›

"S. Korea, U.S. to promote 'strategic cooperation' in nuke energy use" Yonhap News Agency / July 17, 2014 South Korea and the United States are likely to seek to promote "strategic cooperation" in civilian nuclear energy areas as they are discussing renewing a bilateral nuclear energy pact, sources said Thursday.... View Source ›

"US Hopeful of Addressing Nuclear Liability Issues With India" NDTV / July 18, 2014 The US is hopeful that there may be an opening to address its frustration over the contentious nuclear liability issues with the new Indian government, a top American official has said.... View Source ›

"Russia offers to assist Bolivia with nuclear energy program" GlobalPost / July 17, 2014 Russia's Vladimir Putin offered during talks with Bolivian President Evo Morales to assist the Andean nation in its plans to develop a peaceful nuclear energy program, Bolivia's economy minister said.... View Source ›

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