Daily News: 08/2013

August 30, 2013

"Eyes on nuclear talks, Iran tempers support for Assad" Christian Science Monitor / August 30, 2013 Iran is in a tough spot. It has a decades-long alliance with Syria to uphold, but is seeking to reengage with the US, which is considering strikes against Syria.... View Source ›

"Oman sultan's Iran visit sparks hopes of progress in nuclear standoff" The Guardian / August 30, 2013 Iranian media speculates that former hostage negotiator will mediate between US and Islamic republic on nuclear programme... View Source ›

"Nuclear chief confirms delay in commissioning of Arak reactor" Tehran Times / August 30, 2013 The director of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran confirmed on Friday that the commissioning of the Arak research reactor, in the central Iranian province of Markazi, has been delayed.... View Source ›

"NKorea Withdraws Invite For US Envoy" Associated Press / August 30, 2013 North Korea has rescinded its invitation for a senior U.S. envoy to travel to Pyongyang to seek the release of a detained American, the State Department said Friday, abruptly dimming hopes for improved relations already strained by the North's nuclear program.... View Source ›

"North Korea sanctions expanded" Kyodo News / August 30, 2013 Nine organizations and two individuals were added Friday to the list of entities subject to Japanese sanctions against North Korea because of their alleged involvement in Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs, the Foreign Ministry said.... View Source ›

August 29, 2013

William J. Broad, "Iran Slows Its Gathering of Uranium, Report Say" The New York Times / August 29, 2013 n their first report since a new Iranian president took office, international nuclear inspectors said Wednesday that Iran was slowing its accumulation of uranium that could be quickly turned into fuel for an atomic bomb. ... View Source ›

"Iran appoints first Foreign Ministry spokeswoman" Associated Press / August 29, 2013 Afkham has been working in the ministry for nearly 30 years and was head of its public relations department under former reformist President Mohammad Khatami.... View Source ›

Frud Bezhan, "U.S.-Iran Rapprochement: Over Before It Started? " Radio Free Europe / August 29, 2013 Rohani took a relatively moderate position on policy issues during his campaign, pledging to improve ties with the West and try a different approach in negotiations over Iran's contentious nuclear program.... View Source ›

"Tajikistan, U.S. discuss joint combat of nuclear materials smuggling" Trend.az / Tajikistan and the U.S. discussed ways of strengthening of bilateral cooperation in combating nuclear materials smuggling, Avesta.Tj reported on Thursday.... View Source ›

"China's top nuclear envoy holds "in-depth" talks in N. Korea" Kyodo news / August 29, 2013 China's special envoy said Thursday that he held "in-depth discussions" with his North Korean counterpart on the possibility of restarting the six-party talks aimed at ending Pyongyang's nuclear ambitions.... View Source ›

Michael Lynch, "Future May Be Bright For Modular Nuclear Reactors" Frobes / The primary issue for the future of nuclear power will be the cost of electricity from the next generation of reactors, particularly the so-called ‘modular’ reactors, which are much smaller than first-generation reactors, from 50 to 200 megawatts, compared to 900 to 1200 MW for earlier plants.... View Source ›

August 28, 2013

Fredrik Dahl, "Iran expands nuclear capacity, delays sensitive reactor: IAEA" Reuters / August 28, 2013 Iran plans to test about 1,000 advanced uranium enrichment centrifuges it has completed installing, a U.N. nuclear report showed, a move likely to worry Western capitals hoping for a change of course under the country's new president.... View Source ›

"IAEA, Iran to hold first nuclear talks since Rouhani election" Reuters / August 28, 2013 The U.N. nuclear watchdog and Iran will hold a new round of talks on September 27 over Tehran's disputed atomic program, the first such meeting since relative moderate Hassan Rouhani took office as Iranian president.... View Source ›

Joby Warrick, "Iran’s nuclear program is making steady gains but is staying below ‘red line,’ report says" Washington Post / August 28, 2013 The first independent assessment of Iran’s atomic program since the spring presidential election shows Iranian officials steadily expanding the country’s nuclear capacity while also avoiding provocative steps that might trigger an Israeli military strike.... View Source ›

"North Korea called on to disarm" United Press International / August 28, 2013 North Korea in February conducted an underground nuclear test, its third since 2006. Tensions on the Korean Peninsula escalated in the wake of the test, prompting the closure of the border Kaesong industrial complex and a general deterioration in bilateral affairs. South Korean President Park Geun-hye said Wednesday she was frustrated with Pyongyang's decision to pursue nuclear weapons despite widespread international condemnation. ... View Source ›

Ladane Nasseri & Leon Mangasarian, "Iran Pragmatism May Keep Nuclear Talks Alive After Syria Strikes" Bloomberg / August 28, 2013 Iran’s interest in better relations with the West is likely to keep nuclear talks on track even if the U.S. and allies attack Iranian ally Syria to punish it for using chemical weapons, analysts said. ... View Source ›

"Iran ready to allay concerns over nuclear energy program: Zarif" Press TV / August 28, 2013 “Regarding the nuclear rights of the Iranian people, we are standing firm; but at the same time, we are ready to allay the existing concerns,” said Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Tuesday. ... View Source ›

Ben Arnoldy, "Secrets of Semipalatinsk: How nuclear theft was averted in Central Asia" Christian Science Monitor / August 28, 2013 The paper details how the United States had paid to shut the tunnels into the mountain, but did not fully realize what lay inside. Scientists in the recently independent Kazakhstan were beginning to suspect the scope of the materials, and it worried them: Scavengers were digging for scrap metal around the site and Russian authorities were tight-lipped about what they might find there.... View Source ›

Connor Simpson, "Latest Fukushima Leaks Prompt Grim Assessment from Nuclear Agencies" Atlantic Wire / August 28, 2013 The latest reports out of Japan about the leaks in the damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant are extremely troubling. On Wednesday, Japan's Nuclear Regulation Authority officially raised its assessment of the latest leaks at Fukushima to level three... View Source ›

August 27, 2013

Yeganeh Torbati, "Iran names new envoy to IAEA, extending makeover of nuclear team" Reuters / August 27, 2013 Reza Najafi, who has worked on disarmament issues within Iran's foreign ministry, will be its next ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna... View Source ›

"North Korea seeking four-party nuclear talks" United Press International / August 27, 2013 A meeting between China's chief nuclear negotiator and North Korea's vice foreign minister is fueling speculation about resuming nuclear talks, observers said. Read more: http://www.upi.com/Top_News/World-News/2013/08/27/North-Korea-seeking-four-party-nuclear-talks/UPI-84301377611155/#ixzz2dBs2vwfi ... View Source ›

"Saudi Arabia to have 16 nuclear reactors by 2030" Times of India / August 27, 2013 Oil-rich Saudi Arabia plans to become a leader in renewable energy by building 16 nuclear reactors by 2030 at an estimated cost of USD 100 billion and with a combined capacity of 22 gigawatts. ... View Source ›

"Iran Reiterates Firm Stance on N. Rights" Fars News Agency / August 27, 2013 "When an expert and person expresses a thought in a place, it is his/her personal views and doesn’t worth responding," Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyed Abbas Araqchi told reporters in his weekly press conference in Tehran on Tuesday.... View Source ›

Barbara Starr and Ben Brumfield, "Nuclear missile base sacks security chief after failing safety test" CNN International / August 28, 2013 A nuclear missile base in Montana that failed a safety test this month has let its security chief go.... View Source ›

August 26, 2013

"Diplomats: Iran adding to atom capacity, limiting stockpile growth " Reuters / August 26, 2013 Report by UN nuclear watchdog expected to show Iran pressing ahead with nuclear program, in spite of contradictory IAEA data.... View Source ›

Julian Ryall, "Japanese government to take over Fukushima nuclear reactor" The Telegraph / August 26, 2013 The Japanese government has finally lost patience with the bungling efforts of Tokyo Electric Power Company to get the crippled reactors at the Fukushima nuclear plant under control. ... View Source ›

Michael Lynch,, "Renewed Trust In Nuclear Power" Forbes / August 26, 2013 Michael Golay, a nuclear engineering professor at M.I.T., has noted that many new technologies are initially slow to receive public acceptance, such as railroads and cars, in part because of fear of the unknown.... View Source ›

"Cardin to discuss cuts at Nuclear Regulatory Commission" Associated Press / August 26, 2013 Sen. Ben Cardin is scheduled to talk about budget cuts at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.... View Source ›

"China's top nuclear envoy arrives in Pyongyang" Kyodo News / August 26, 2013 China's special envoy in charge of the six-party talks aimed at ending North Korea's nuclear ambitions arrived Monday in Pyongyang.... View Source ›

August 22, 2013

Justin McCurry, "Fukushima warning: danger level at nuclear plant jumps to 'serious'" The Guardian / August 21, 2013 Japan is to issue its gravest warning about the state of the wrecked Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant since the facility suffered a triple meltdown almost two and a half years ago.... View Source ›

Junko Ogura, Katie Hunt, "TEPCO looks for outside help to stabilize crippled Fukushima nuclear plant" CNN / August 22, 2013 The operator of the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant has said they need help from outside Japan to stabilize and safely decommission damaged reactors at the facility.... View Source ›

Rick Gladstone, "Iran: Another Nuclear Official to Be Replaced" The New York Times / August 21, 2013 Iran’s longtime ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency will leave in September, news agencies reported Wednesday, making him the third senior Iranian nuclear official to be replaced under the new administration of President Hassan Rouhani. ... View Source ›

"Israel, Arab Nations Differ on Mideast Nuclear-free Zone: U.N. Official" Global Security Newswire / August 20, 2013 Efforts by the International Atomic Energy Agency to help persuade Israel and Arab nations to agree on a path toward a Middle East free of nuclear arms and other weapons of mass destruction have been unsuccessful thus far, according to a new report by agency head Yukiya Amano's office, Reuters reported on Tuesday.... View Source ›

"South Korea plays down thaw with North" Straits Times / August 21, 2013 South Korea's pointman on North Korea on Wednesday played down expectations of any imminent turnaround in inter-Korean relations following a recent flurry of movement on cross-border projects.... View Source ›

"Enel Nuclear Building Permit Violated Law, Slovak Court Says" Bloomberg / August 21, 2013 Slovakia’s nuclear watchdog violated the law when it issued a building permit for Enel SpA (ENEL)’s 3.7 billion-euro ($5 billion) nuclear project because Greenpeace wasn’t allowed to comment, the Supreme Court ruled.... View Source ›

Diane Barnes, "Alleged Iranian Uranium Deal With Zimbabwe May Revive Sanctions Debate" Global Security Newswire / August 21, 2013 An alleged clandestine deal in which Zimbabwe might sell sensitive nuclear material to Iran could revive debate over the Persian Gulf nation’s ability to import uranium ore, despite international sanctions.... View Source ›

August 21, 2013

Arata Yamamoto, "Japan to issue most serious Fukushima nuclear warning in two years" NBC / August 21, 2013 Japan's nuclear crisis escalated to its worst level in two years on Wednesday when the national regulator said it was set to raise its warning on crippled Fukushima Daiichi plant.... View Source ›

Jeremy Hsu, "Cosmic Rays May Reveal Damage to Fukushima's Nuclear Reactors" Live Science / August 21, 2013 Radiation is still leaking from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant after the 2011 tsunami-related meltdown in Japan, making any damage assessment dangerous for both humans and machines. Instead, high-energy particles created by cosmic rays striking the Earth's atmosphere could provide an X-ray-style image of the damage from a much safer distance.... View Source ›

Szu Ping Chan, "Thorium put to the test as policymakers rethink nuclear" The Telegraph / August 21, 2013 Two years after the Fukushima disaster rocked the nuclear industry, the jury is still out in many countries on the role of atomic fuels.... View Source ›

"Jordan to build nuclear research reactor" AFP / August 20, 2013 Jordan's Nuclear Regulatory Commission has given the go-ahead for a first nuclear research reactor as the desert kingdom, which lacks any oil, seeks to meet its energy needs.... View Source ›

"S Korea halts nuclear reactor over safety concerns" Press TV / August 21, 2013 South Korea’s largest power plant has shut down one of its reactors as concerns over safety in the country’s nuclear industry linger on, reports say.... View Source ›

"Iran's envoy to UN nuclear agency expected to leave post: sources" Reuters / August 21, 2013 Iran's veteran envoy to the U.N. nuclear agency, Ali Asghar Soltanieh, is expected to leave his post soon but there is no word yet on who will replace him, diplomatic sources said on Wednesday.... View Source ›

Aliya Sternstein, "Pentagon Wants To Expand Program That Detects Foreign Nuclear Tests" Defense One / August 20, 2013 The Defense Department is mulling an expansion of a system that essentially eavesdrops on the environment for indications of foreign nuclear tests.... View Source ›

August 20, 2013

Hiroko Tabuchi, "300 Tons of Contaminated Water Leak From Japanese Nuclear Plant" The New York Times / August 20, 2013 Three hundred tons of highly contaminated water have leaked from a storage tank at the ravaged Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant on Japan’s Pacific Coast, its operator said on Tuesday, raising further concerns over the site’s safety and prompting regulators to declare a radiological release incident for the first time since disaster struck there in 2011.... View Source ›

"JAEA's organizational reform key to regain trust in nuclear energy" The Japan News / August 20, 2013 The nation’s nuclear research headquarters should no longer remain dysfunctional. It is a matter of urgency to rebuild the Japan Atomic Energy Agency to regain public trust.... View Source ›

"NNSA, China Sign Agreement to Prevent Nuclear Smuggling" NNSA / August 15, 2013 The National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) recently signed an agreement with the People’s Republic of China’s General Administration of China Customs (GACC) to renew cooperative efforts to deter, detect and interdict the illicit smuggling of special nuclear and other radiological materials. The agreement was signed by Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz and China’s Minister of the GACC, YU Guangzhou, during the annual U.S.–China Strategic and Economic Dialogue in Washington.... View Source ›

Laura Rozen, "Top Iran, EU diplomats agree to meet to plan new nuclear talks" The Back Channel / August 19, 2013 Top European diplomat Catherine Ashton has agreed to meet soon with Iran’s new Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, to advance preparations for resumed nuclear negotiations. The meeting plans come amid unconfirmed Iranian media speculation about Zarif possibly playing a key role in the negotiations–speculation that may be linked to new Iranian president Hassan Rouhani’s expressed interest in having the nuclear negotiations conducted at higher level representation, Iran analysts suggested.... View Source ›

Ali Akbar Dareini, "Iran Foreign Ministry to Handle Nuclear Talks" Associated Press / August 20, 2013 An Iranian diplomatic official said Tuesday that the country's foreign minister will lead nuclear talks with world powers, taking over from the country's national security council.... View Source ›

"UN: Efforts to bridge gaps between Israel, Arabs on nuclear issue have failed" Reuters / August 20, 2013 UN atomic agency chief Yukiya Amano has not been able to narrow Israeli-Arab differences on how to move towards a Middle East free of nuclear weapons, but will keep trying, according to a report by his office.... View Source ›

"DOE Erred on Nevada Willingness to Accept Waste: Memos" Global Security Newswire / August 19, 2013 The U.S. Energy Department wrongly assumed it had resolved all of Nevada's concerns about a pending shipment of highly radioactive atomic waste, the Las Vegas Sun reported on Sunday, citing a review of government documents.... View Source ›

August 19, 2013

Fredrik Dahl, "Iran may be limiting sensitive nuclear stockpile: diplomats" Reuters / August 19, 2013 Iran appears to be holding back growth of its most sensitive nuclear stockpile by continuing to convert some of it into reactor fuel, diplomats said on Monday, potentially giving more time for negotiation with world powers.... View Source ›

"Iran says it has about 18,000 nuclear centrifuges" GMA News / August 18, 2013 Iran has about 18,000 centrifuges, including 10,000 active ones, the outgoing head of the country's atomic agency said Saturday, confirming figures from the UN watchdog overseeing its disputed nuclear drive.... View Source ›

Julian Ryall, Tokyo, "Japan's tsunami-hit Fukushima nuclear plant to become tourist attraction" The Telegraph / August 19, 2013 Despite the land and ocean around Japan's crippled Fukushima nuclear plant being contaminated by dangerous levels of radiation, plans are being drawn up to turn the no-go zone into a tourist attraction.... View Source ›

"N.Korea arms ship faces possible $1 mn fine" Agence France-Presse / August 16, 2013 The Panama Canal authority said Thursday it will impose as much as a $1 million fine on the North Korean freighter caught with an undeclared shipment of Cuban weapons.... View Source ›

"Iran's ex-defense minister claims country is world's 6th missile power" Associated Press / August 18, 2013 Iran's former defense minister says his country is ranked sixth in the world in missile production.... View Source ›

"Energy giants pull plug on coal and nuclear" The Local / August 18, 2013 Ever since Chancellor Angela Merkel announced a phase-out of nuclear energy over the next decade and pledged to generate as much as 80 percent of the country's electricity from renewables by 2050, big question marks have been hanging over the future of coal and gas-fired plants in Germany.... View Source ›

"EU’s foreign policy chief to meet new Iranian counterpart ‘soon’ amid need for nuclear talks" Associated Press / August 18, 2013 The European Union’s foreign policy chief says she will “soon” meet the new Iranian foreign minister amid the need for swift and substantial talks over Tehran’s disputed nuclear program.... View Source ›

August 16, 2013

Ben Kamisar, "All U.S. nuclear reactors vulnerable to terrorism, probe finds" McClatchy / August 15, 2013 All 107 nuclear reactors in the United States are inadequately protected from terrorist attacks, according to a Defense Department-commissioned report released Thursday.... View Source ›

"Iran appoints pragmatist Salehi to head nuclear program" Reuters / August 16, 2013 Iranian President Hassan Rouhani appointed outgoing Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi to head the Atomic Energy Organization on Friday, state media said, replacing a hardliner with a pragmatist to take charge of Tehran's nuclear program.... View Source ›

"Nuclear essential for India's economic growth" World Nuclear News / August 14, 2013 Nuclear energy must be a significant part of the mix if India is to grow electricity supply by 625% to meet development goals, former chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission Anil Kakodkar told students at a graduation ceremony.... View Source ›

Pallava Bagla, "First glimpse of the American nuclear reactors India seeks to buy" NDTV / August 15, 2013 Hectic negotiations are going on between India and USA to clinch the first commercial deal on nuclear reactors. India seeks to buy the ultramodern Westinghouse manufactured AP 1000 nuclear reactors and install them at Mithi Vridi in Gujarat in a deal that would cost India about Rs. 3,00,000 crore for six of this reactors.... View Source ›

"U.S. tactical nuclear weapons must be withdrawn from Europe - Russian Defense Ministry" Russia Beyond the Headlines / August 14, 2013 Russian Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov has called for withdrawal of U.S. tactical nuclear armaments from the territories of non-nuclear countries and dismantlement of the related infrastructure.... View Source ›

"Nuclear powered submarines 'do-able' for Australia" Phys.org / August 14, 2013 Developing a nuclear-powered submarine may present no greater challenge for Australia than developing its own uniquely modified conventional submarine, according to a green paper published today by University College London.... View Source ›

"Northern Territory nuclear waste dump 'contravenes UN declaration'" The Guardian / August 14, 2013 The government risks breaching an international agreement if it goes ahead with a controversial nuclear waste dump in a remote part of the Northern Territory, conservationists say, with Labor Senate candidate Nova Peris calling for the plan to be dropped.... View Source ›

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