Daily News: 02/2013

February 28, 2013

Steven Erlanger, "As Negotiators Ease Demands on Iran, More Nuclear Talks Are Set" The New York Times / February 27, 2013 ALMATY, Kazakhstan — Two days of talks between six world powers and Iran over its nuclear program ended on Wednesday with specific agreement for further meetings in March and April over a proposal that would sharply constrain Iran’s stockpile of the most dangerous enriched uranium, in return for a modest lifting of some sanctions.... View Source ›

Phoebe Greenwood, "Second laptop stolen from Israeli nuclear chief" The Guardian / February 27, 2013 Atomic Energy Commission says there was no sensitive material on computer stolen from home of Shaul Horev. To have one laptop stolen might be considered a misfortune, but to have two stolen could look like carelessness, especially when you're the head of Israel's nuclear programme.... View Source ›

"China supports UN's proper response to DPRK nuclear test" Xinhua / February 28, 2013 A Foreign Ministry spokeswoman on Thursday said the UN's response to Pyongyang's latest nuclear test was "prudent and moderate," and China supports the proper response against the test.... View Source ›

Alexei Anishchuk, "Russia's Putin tells army to shape up to face foreign threat" Reuters / February 27, 2013 Vladimir Putin ordered military leaders on Wednesday to make urgent improvements to the armed forces during his new presidential term, saying Russia must thwart attempts by the West to tip the strategic balance of power.... View Source ›

Douglas P. Guarino, "NNSA Acknowledges ‘Considerable Cost Increase’ For MOX Facility - See more at: http://www.nti.org/gsn/article/nnsa-acknowledges-" Global Security Newswire / February 27, 2013 WASHINGTON – The head of the National Nuclear Security Administration acknowledged on Tuesday that the $4.8 billion cost estimate to build a facility to convert surplus nuclear-weapon plutonium into reactor fuel is “no longer valid” and that the actual price will likely be much higher.... View Source ›

Martin Fackler, "Japan to Begin Restarting Idled Nuclear Plants, Leader Says" The New York TImes / February 28, 2013 Japan will begin restarting its idled nuclear plants once new safety guidelines are in place later this year, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Thursday, moving to ensure a stable energy supply despite public safety concerns after the Fukushima disaster.... View Source ›

"North Korea Renews Threats Against Annual U.S-South Military Exercises " Global Security Newswire / February 28, 2013 North Korea on Thursday demanded that South Korea and the United States call off annual bilateral military exercises or face "the black cloud of a nuclear war," the Yonhap News Agency reported. ... View Source ›

February 27, 2013

Steven Erlanger, "Iran and Six Nations Agree to Continue Nuclear Talks" The New York Times / February 27, 2013 ALMATY, Kazakhstan – Two days of talks between six world powers and Iran over its nuclear program ended on Wednesday with specific agreement for further meetings in March and April over a proposal that would sharply constrain Iran’s stockpile of the most dangerous enriched uranium in return for a modest lifting of some sanctions.... View Source ›

James Kirkup, David Blair, Holly Watt and Claire Newell, "Iran's 'Plan B' for a nuclear bomb" The Telegraph / February 27, 2013 Iran is developing a second path to a nuclear weapons capability by operating a plant that could produce plutonium, satellite images show for the first time.... View Source ›

Elaine Grossman, "Taiwan Nonproliferation Pledge Not a Model: Top Energy Official" Global Security Newswire / February 26, 2013 WASHINGTON -- A top Energy Department official last week said Taiwan’s recent willingness to incorporate a strict nonproliferation pledge in an upcoming renewal of its nuclear trade pact with the United States should not be seen as a prototype for future atomic cooperation agreements elsewhere around the globe.... View Source ›

"After Fukushima, Tasks Remain for the American Nuclear Industry" The New York TImes / February 26, 2013 In response to the nuclear accident at Fukushima, the N.R.C. ordered installation of “reliable hardened vents” on older G.E.-designed boiling water reactors.... View Source ›

Chris Schneidmiller, "Nuke Trial, Meteorite Highlight Test Ban Treaty Capabilities" Global Security Newswire / February 26, 2013 WASHINGTON -- A widely anticipated North Korean nuclear test and a surprise meteorite flyover have brought fresh attention to the capabilities of the organization formed to monitor the globe for secret atomic explosions.... View Source ›

"Chuck Hagel sworn in as US defence secretary" BBC / February 27, 2013 Chuck Hagel has been sworn in as the new US defence secretary, a day after the Senate approved his appointment following a bruising nomination battle.... View Source ›

"U.K. Nuke Arsenal to Consume 35% Of Military Budget Within 10 Years" Global Security Newswire / February 27, 2013 The United Kingdom is on track to within a decade dedicate roughly 35 percent of its military acquisitions budget to revamping its submarine-based nuclear deterrent, the London Telegraph reported on Wednesday.... View Source ›

February 26, 2013

Fredrik Dahl, "Iran and big powers hint at nuclear talks concessions" Reuters / February 26, 2013 Iran said it was prepared to make an offer to major powers in talks on its nuclear program in Kazakhstan on Tuesday, after the United States proposed limited sanctions relief in return for a halt to the most controversial work... View Source ›

"Russia, U.S. Could Resolve Antimissile Dispute" Global Security Newswire / February 26, 2013 Russia and the United States could reach a compromise to end their long-simmering dispute over the Obama administration's deployment of ballistic missile defenses in Europe, the Moscow Times reported on Tuesday.... View Source ›

"Saudi- Nuclear deal with China cleared" MENAFN-Arab News / February 26, 2013 The Cabinet yesterday approved an agreement with China for cooperation in the field of peaceful uses of nuclear energy. The accord was signed in Riyadh on Jan. 15, 2012, the SPA said.... View Source ›

Rachel Oswald, "Obama Can Skirt GOP With Executive Action on Arms Control, Missile Defense" Global Security Newswire / February 25, 2013 WASHINGTON -- President Obama can use his executive authority to take action on missile defense and nuclear arms reductions without having to secure the go-ahead from a hostile Republican Party.... View Source ›

"Israel tests Arrow but funding cuts loom" UPI / February 25, 2013 Israel successfully carried out the first flight test of its high-altitude Arrow-3 missile interceptor Monday, a major step forward in shielding the Jewish state from ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear or chemical warheads.... View Source ›

"China builds uranium enrichment centrifuge" World Nuclear News / February 25, 2013 The first domestically-produced centrifuge has been successfully installed at a uranium enrichment plant at the Lanzhou Nuclear Fuel Complex, China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) announced. China has previously relied on Russian enrichment technology.... View Source ›

Douglas P. Guarino, "Republicans Threaten to Block Obama Nuclear Arms Reductions" Global Security Newswire / February 25, 2013 ARLINGTON, Va. – Capitol Hill Republicans are threatening to block any possible attempts by the Obama administration to obtain further nuclear arms reductions without congressional approval.... View Source ›

February 25, 2013

Fredrik Dahl, "Powers to offer Iran sanctions relief at nuclear talks" Reuters / February 25, 2013 Major powers will offer Iran some sanctions relief during talks in Almaty, Kazakhstan, this week if Tehran agrees to curb its nuclear program, a U.S. official said on Monday.... View Source ›

"Iran announces uranium finds, days before nuclear talks" Reuters / February 23, 2013 Days before resuming talks over its disputed atomic program, Iran said on Saturday it had found significant new deposits of raw uranium and identified sites for 16 more nuclear power stations.... View Source ›

Rachel Oswald, "Obama Can Skirt GOP With Executive Action on Arms Control, Missile Defense" Global Security Newswire / February 25, 2013 WASHINGTON -- President Obama can use his executive authority to take action on missile defense and nuclear arms reductions without having to secure the go-ahead from a hostile Republican Party.... View Source ›

"Secret U.S.-North Korea diplomatic trips reported" LA Times / February 23, 2013 An Obama administration official visited North Korea twice in 2012 in an unsuccessful effort to improve relations after Kim Jong Un assumed power, ex-officials say.... View Source ›

Douglas P. Guarino, "DOE Official: Security Breach May Necessitate Nuclear Agency’s Elimination" Global Security Newswire / February 22, 2013 ARLINGTON, Va. – The Energy Department’s top safety and security official suggested on Thursday that eliminating the semiautonomous National Nuclear Security Administration might be prudent in the wake of last year’s highly publicized break-in at the Y-12 nuclear weapons facility.... View Source ›

"U.S. radar to counter North’s missiles" The Japan Times / February 24, 2013 Tokyo and Washington are mulling the installation of an X-band radar system at an Air Self-Defense Force base in Kyoto Prefecture to build up Japan’s missile defense system and counter the North Korean ballistic missile threat, sources close to bilateral ties revealed Saturday.... View Source ›

"New Israeli Missile Interceptor Launched in Trial" Global Security Newswire / February 25, 2013 The Arrow 3 missile interceptor developed by Israel and the United States was launched on Monday in its inaugural trial fight, Agence France-Presse reported. "This is the first flight test of the Arrow 3 interceptor and was conducted at an Israeli test range over the Mediterranean Sea," according to the Israeli Defense Ministry. "Israel's Missile Defense Organization and U.S. Missile Defense Agency officials conducted the flight test."... View Source ›

February 22, 2013

Elaine M. Grossman, "Arab League Threatens Nonproliferation Event Boycott" Global Security Newswire / February 21, 2013 WASHINGTON -- Arab League nations have threatened an unprecedented boycott of upcoming global nonproliferation events -- starting with a key Switzerland meeting in April -- if progress is not made toward convening an international summit on banning weapons of mass destruction from the Middle East.... View Source ›

Diane Barnes, "U.S. Voices Optimism on Russian Threat Reduction Talks" Global Security Newswire / February 21, 2013 ARLINGTON, Va. -- The U.S. State Department's top arms control envoy on Thursday described a "very positive environment" in negotiations last week to address Russia's coming withdrawal from an arrangement to dispose of Cold War-era nuclear, biological and chemical weapons.... View Source ›

"Pakistan Confers With Export Control Groups" Global Security Newswire / February 21, 2013 Pakistan this week discussed potentially joining 34 other governments that observe restrictions on ballistic missile transfers, an international relations insider told Pakistan Today.... View Source ›

Fredrik Dahl, "Iran move to speed up nuclear program troubles West" Reuters / February 22, 2013 Iran has begun installing advanced centrifuges at its main uranium enrichment plant, the U.N. nuclear watchdog said on Thursday, a defiant step that will worry Western powers ahead of a resumption of talks with Tehran next week.... View Source ›

Fredrik Dahl, "Iran appears to advance in construction of Arak nuclear plant" Reuters / February 22, 2013 Iran appears to be advancing in its construction of a research reactor Western experts say could offer the Islamic state a second way of producing material for a nuclear bomb, if it decided to embark on such a course, a U.N. report showed.... View Source ›

"China provides Rs 136 bn loan for Pak nuclear plants" Press Trust of India / February 22, 2013 China has provided a loan of Rs 136 billion for two nuclear power plants that Pakistan expects to commission by 2016, the state-run media reported today.... View Source ›

"N. Korea honors nuke test contributors to bolster patriotism" Yonhap / February 22, 2013 As the international community moves to penalize North Korea for its weapons of mass destruction (WMD) program, the isolated country honored contributors of its latest nuclear test in a large ceremony, observers said Friday.... View Source ›

February 21, 2013

"North Korea cites "tragedy" of countries that give up nuclear programs" Reuters / February 21, 2013 North Korea has bolstered its defenses against a "hostile" United States with its third nuclear test, it said on Thursday, noting that countries that had bowed to U.S. pressure to abandon their nuclear plans had suffered "tragic consequences".... View Source ›

"Spy agencies scrounge for details on North Korean nuclear test" Reuters / February 20, 2013 U.S. and allied spy agencies have found no traces of telltale nuclear-related particles from North Korea's February 12 nuclear bomb test, leaving unresolved basic questions about the device's design, according to officials in the United States, Europe and South Korea.... View Source ›

George Jahn, "Diplomats: Iran Starts Upgrade of Nuclear Site" Associated Press / February 20, 2013 In a disheartening signal to world powers at upcoming Iran talks, Tehran has started installing high-tech machines at its main uranium enrichment site that are capable of accelerating production of reactor fuel and — with further upgrading — the core of nuclear warheads, diplomats said Wednesday.... View Source ›

Chris Schneidmiller, "Homeland Security, State Warn Sequester Would Hurt WMD Defense" Global Security Newswire / February 20, 2013 WASHINGTON – The secretaries of State and Homeland Security are warning that their departments' efforts against weapons of mass destruction would be compromised by major budget cuts set to be implemented in a matter of days.... View Source ›

"Russia, Brazil to Cooperate on Nuclear Power" Latin American Herald / February 21, 2013 MOSCOW – Russia and Brazil signed a memorandum of cooperation on peaceful uses of nuclear energy on Tuesday, Russian media reported.... View Source ›

"New START Body Holds Fifth Meeting" Global Security Newswire / February 20, 2013 A U.S.-Russian body charged with overseeing implementation of a bilateral strategic arms reduction treaty conducted over a week of discussions that wrapped up on Monday, the State Department announced.... View Source ›

"Lawmakers Knock Continued MEADS Spending" Global Security Newswire / February 20, 2013 Members of the House Armed Services Committee are questioning why the Defense Department continues to direct money toward a missile-defense technology development program that is supposed to receive no further funding, The Hill reported on Tuesday.... View Source ›

February 20, 2013

Rachel Oswald, "North Korean Nuclear Test More Than Twice as Powerful as Last Blast" Global Security Newswire / March 1, 2013 WASHINGTON -- The explosive yield of the nuclear device detonated last week by North Korea is estimated to be 2 1/2 times more powerful than the force of the nation's last blast in 2009, scientists say.... View Source ›

"N. Korea sanctions can only impact nuclear program - Moscow" RT / February 20, 2013 Russia will oppose international sanctions against North Korea that deal with trade and economic relations, a senior Russian diplomat has said.... View Source ›

"North Korea Recently Tested Engine for Strategic Missile: Report" North Korea Recently Tested Engine for Strategic Missile: Report / February 19, 2013 North Korea last week tried out a new engine for a developmental strategic ballistic missile, unidentified government insiders told the Yonhap News Agency on Sunday. "It appears that North Korea conducted the engine test aimed at extending the range of the KN-08 missile to over [3,100 miles]," an insider said.... View Source ›

Spencer Ackerman, "Beyond Radiation: Pentagon Seeks Better Ways to Detect Nuclear Weapons" Wired / February 19, 2013 Forget about checking for nukes by monitoring radiation fluxes in the atmosphere, and be careful of relying on satellite photography. The next wave of research for detecting nuclear weapons is going to study changes in the ground, develop tricked-out sensors and look at how networks of nuclear proliferators move around the world.... View Source ›

"Iran nuke unlikely to start Mideast arms race - U.S.report" Reuters / February 20, 2013 Fears that an Iranian nuclear weapon might trigger an atomic arms race across the Middle East are overplayed, a U.S. security thinktank said on Tuesday, arguing that countries like Saudi Arabia face big disincentives against getting the bomb.... View Source ›

"Iran agrees to nuclear talks in return for West’s OK of enrichment" Washington Times / February 19, 2013 Iran agrees to nuclear talks in return for West’s OK of enrichment... View Source ›

"Russian Missile Radars Did Not Detect Meteorite" Global Security Newswire / February 19, 2013 Russian missile detection radars failed to identify an incoming meteorite last week, the London Daily Mail reported on Monday. The explosion of the massive meteorite above the Ural Mountains on Friday caused more than 1,000 injuries around the city of Chelyabinsk.... View Source ›

February 19, 2013

"Russia opposes new N.Korea economic sanctions - diplomat" Reuters / February 19, 2013 Moscow opposes new economic sanctions on North Korea but would be ready to back measures to limit nuclear proliferation, a Russian official said on Tuesday.... View Source ›

Jones Hayden, "EU Strengthens Sanctions Against North Korea After Nuclear Test" Bloomberg / February 18, 2013 The European Union strengthened sanctions against North Korea, including the imposition of new financial restrictions, following the Asian country’s test of a nuclear device last week. ... View Source ›

Usman Ansari, "Pakistan Continues Short-Range Ballistic Missile Tests" Defense News / February 18, 2013 akistan’s recent test of a short-range ballistic missile shows the military’s progress toward developing a response to India’s anti-ballistic missile (ABM) program, officials said.... View Source ›

Chris Schneidmiller, "Nuclear Lab Remains Vulnerable to Cyberstrikes: DOE Inspector General" Global Security Newswire / February 15, 2013 WASHINGTON – A leading U.S. nuclear arms site has taken significant steps in recent years to defend against strikes on its computer systems, but key weaknesses remain to be fixed, the Energy Department’s inspector general said this week.... View Source ›

Nasser Karimi, "Iran Says Nuclear Talks an 'Opportunity' for West" Associated Press / February 19, 2013 Iran is prepared to ease Western concerns about Tehran's nuclear program in exchange for pledges from the U.S. and others about the country's ability to enrich uranium, Iran's foreign ministry spokesman said Tuesday.... View Source ›

"Israeli PM: North Korea nuclear tests shows sanctions alone won’t stop Iran’s atomic program" Associated Press / February 18, 2013 JERUSALEM — Israel’s prime minister says North Korea’s recent nuclear test shows that “sanctions alone will not stop” Iran’s atomic program. Benjamin Netanyahu told a gathering of international Jewish leaders on Monday that the Western sanctions against Tehran “have to be coupled with a robust, credible, military threat. If they are not, then there is no chance to stop them.”... View Source ›

"Iran's Ayatollah Khamenei denies wanting to develop nuclear weapons" The Guardian / February 16, 2013 Iran's supreme leader has said the Islamic republic is not seeking to develop nuclear weapons but warned that no world power could stop the regime from building them if it chose to do so.... View Source ›

February 14, 2013

"North Korea holds mass rally to celebrate nuclear test" The Telegraph / February 14, 2013 Around 100,000 North Koreans took part in a state-organised rally on Thursday to celebrate their communist state's recent nuclear test.... View Source ›

"South Korea unveils missile it says can hit North's leaders" Reuters / February 14, 2013 South Korea unveiled a cruise missile on Thursday that it said can hit the office of North Korea's leaders, trying to address concerns that it is technologically behind its unpredictable rival which this week conducted its third nuclear test.... View Source ›

"India alleges Pakistani hand in North Korean nuclear test" Pakistan Today / February 13, 2013 NEW DELHI - India officially protested against the third nuclear test by North Korea on Wednesday, which it sees as evidence of a clandestine proliferation network from Pakistan, the Indian media quoted officials as saying on Wednesday.... View Source ›

"UN inspectors see new centrifuges at Iran nuclear site: diplomat" Reuters / February 14, 2013 U.N. nuclear inspectors have seen a small number of advanced centrifuges at an uranium enrichment plant where Iran has said it will install and operate them, a diplomatic source said on Thursday.... View Source ›

"'Iran pushing major nuclear expansion'" Jerusalem Post / February 14, 2013 Iran is seeking a major expansion of its nuclear capacity, as is evidenced by an attempt to purchase 100,000 magnets used in centrifuge machines, according to report released Wednesday by Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS).... View Source ›

"Canada to Send Used Nuclear Fuel Rods to U.S." Global Security Newswire / February 13, 2013 Canada is preparing to quietly transport used nuclear fuel rods from its Chalk River reactor plant in Ontario to the Savannah River Site in South Carolina, the Ottawa Citizen reported on Wednesday. That comes on top of another planned project to move liquefied bomb-usable uranium from Chalk River to the U.S. Energy Department facility, according to the newspaper.... View Source ›

"US mulling a sweeping nuclear arms cut" The Voice of Russia / February 14, 2013 The US is considering an initiative that will reduce all types of nuclear weapons in a spinoff of the US-Russian START treaty.... View Source ›

February 13, 2013

William J. Broad, "A Secretive Country Gives Experts Few Clues to Judge Its Nuclear Program" The New York Times / February 13, 2013 As scientists and world leaders scrambled Tuesday to judge the importance of North Korea’s claim that it had detonated a third nuclear bomb, the main thing that quickly became evident is how little is known about the country’s increasingly advanced atomic and missile programs.... View Source ›

Rachel Oswald, "Curb Needed on N. Korean Access to Uranium Program Materials: Experts" Global Security Newswire / February 12, 2013 WASHINGTON -- The global community will have to become more creative with its penalties if it hopes to deter North Korea from following its latest nuclear test with further sanctions, issue experts said on Tuesday.... View Source ›

Alan Cowell, "Iran to Resume Nuclear Talks" The New York Times / February 13, 2013 As it prepares for two sets of negotiations with outsiders on its disputed nuclear program starting on Wednesday, Iran said on that it was converting some of its enriched uranium into reactor fuel, the state news agency IRNA reported, potentially limiting the expansion of stockpiles that the West fears could be used for weapons.... View Source ›

"Iran says it has begun upgrading uranium centrifuges" Reuters / February 13, 2013 Iran said on Wednesday it had started installing a new generation of machines for enriching uranium, an announcement likely to annoy the West and complicate efforts to resolve a decade-old dispute over its nuclear program.... View Source ›

Chris Schneidmiller, "Pakistan Blocks Latest Work Plan at Conference on Disarmament" Global Security Newswire / February 12, 2013 WASHINGTON -- Pakistan on Tuesday ended the latest effort to establish a plan of work that would allow the international Conference on Disarmament to move forward with negotiations on a treaty to ban production of fissile materials for nuclear weapons. ... View Source ›

"Obama: Negotiations With Kremlin Over Nuclear Weapons to Continue Read more: http://www.themoscowtimes.com/news/article/obama-n" Moscow Times / February 13, 2013 U.S. President Barack Obama said Tuesday that the United States would continue to work with Russia to reduce the two countries' nuclear arsenals. "We will engage Russia to seek further reductions in our nuclear arsenals and continue leading the global effort to secure nuclear materials that could fall into the wrong hands," he said during his annual State of the Union address on Tuesday, Interfax reported.... View Source ›

Diane Barnes, "DOD Aims to Shield Nuke Operations From Budget Cuts" Global Security Newswire / February 12, 2013 WASHINGTON -- Citing Tuesday's nuclear test by North Korea, a senior Defense Department official called U.S. nuclear weapons operations "a national priority" that the Obama administration would seek to shield from across-the-board federal spending cuts set to take effect on March 1.... View Source ›

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