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September 19, 2014

Carole Landry, "Iran, six powers set for 'very tough' nuclear talks" AFP / September 19, 2014 Iran and six world powers return to the negotiating table on Friday with only two months left to reach a deal on ensuring Tehran's nuclear program poses no military threat... View Source ›

Indira A.R. Lakshmanan and Sangwon Yoon, "U.S. Said to See Chance for Progress in Iran Talks" Bloomberg / September 19, 2014 In the first meetings between U.S. and Iranian negotiators since talks to curb Iran’s nuclear ambitions faltered two months ago, a U.S. official said both sides have shown a commitment to work toward a deal.... View Source ›

"Arak Reactor Remains Issue of Concern at Iran, P5+1 Nuclear Talks: Russia" RIA Novosti / September 19, 2014 The future of the Arak heavy water nuclear reactor remains one of the main obstacles at the nuclear talks between the P5+1 group of mediators and Tehran, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov told RIA Novosti Thursday... View Source ›

Tim Starks, "Missile Defense Test Was No “Softball Shot,” Says Boeing" Roll Call / September 19, 2014 That missile defense test from June, the first successful one in five years? It wasn’t “some softball shot,” as critics allege, according to Boeing officials managing the Ground-Based Midcourse Defense program. And in so far as it was “scripted,” they said, it was only because fully simulating a nuclear missile attack isn’t easy.... View Source ›

"Spain's Almaraz I nuclear power station stopped after pressure drop" Reuters / September 19, 2014 Spain's 1,000-MW Almaraz I nuclear power station was automatically shut down late on Wednesday after the protection system was triggered by a pressure drop in the reactor, the Nuclear Security Council reported.... View Source ›

September 18, 2014

Fredrik Dahl, "West tells Iran it must address nuclear bomb fears" Reuters / September 18, 2014 Western powers told Iran on Thursday it must step up cooperation with a U.N. watchdog investigation into suspected atomic bomb research if it wants to get a broader nuclear deal that would ease sanctions on the oil producer.... View Source ›

Louis Charbonneau, "Nuclear deal elusive as Iran, six powers resume talks in New York" Reuters / September 18, 2014 A diplomatic breakthrough is unlikely on a nuclear deal to end sanctions against Iran when talks resume in New York this week between Tehran and six world powers deadlocked after a year of negotiations.... View Source ›

"U.S., Iran to hold bilateral talks in New York this week" Reuters / September 18, 2014 The No. 2 and 3 U.S. diplomats will hold bilateral talks with Iranian officials about Tehran's nuclear program on Wednesday and Thursday in New York, the U.S. State Department said.... View Source ›

Matthew Pennington, "North Korea Unresponsive to US Envoy Offer" Associated Press / September 18, 2014 North Korea is not accepting American offers to send a high-level envoy to seek the release of three detained Americans, a senior U.S. official said Wednesday... View Source ›

Dan Lamothe, "Following scandal, Air Force sets incentive pay for nuclear missile force" The Washington Post / September 18, 2014 The Air Force is putting its money where its mouth is: Beginning Oct. 1, officers and enlisted personnel in its beleaguered nuclear missile force will get new financial incentives of up to $300 per month.... View Source ›

September 17, 2014

Kambiz Foroohar, "Iran Nuclear Haggling Resumes in New York as Deadline Approaches" Bloomberg / September 17, 2014 Diplomats seeking to inject momentum into negotiations on Iran’s nuclear program will meet this week in New York with the November deadline for a permanent accord looming.... View Source ›

"Iran's current uranium enrichment not acceptable says US" AFP / September 17, 2014 Iran cannot convince the world that its current ability to enrich uranium is acceptable, the top US negotiator said ahead of new nuclear talks with global powers.... View Source ›

Eiji Noyori and Hiroyuki Oyama, "TEPCO measures fail to hold water" Yomiuri Shimbun / September 17, 2014 Three and a half years after the outbreak of the crisis at the Fukushima No 1 nuclear power plant, efforts to contain water contaminated with radioactive substances at the plant are at a crossroads.... View Source ›

"First-ever batch of newest nuclear fuel produces in Russia" RIA Novosti / September 17, 2014 The first batch of the newest nuclear fuel pellets, which are to be used in atomic energetics of the future, have been produced on Rosatom’s Mining and Chemical Facility in Zheleznogorsk, Krasnoyarsk Region, the facility stated in a Tuesday press-release.... View Source ›

"Chinese envoy says North Korea's Kim Jong Un may visit Beijing: Yonhap" Reuters / September 17, 2014 North Korean leader Kim Jong Un could go to China on his first foreign trip since taking power, China's ambassador to South Korea said on Wednesday, according to a report from South Korea's Yonhap news agency.... View Source ›

September 16, 2014

Laurence Norman, "IAEA Probe of Iran Nuclear Work Inches Forward" The Wall Street Journal / September 15, 2014 An investigation into Iran's past nuclear work—which the United Nations atomic watchdog has been pursuing for more than a decade—is still making slow headway, the agency's head said Monday.... View Source ›

Fredrik Dahl, "Iran nuclear bomb probe will not be 'endless': IAEA" Reuters / September 15, 2014 A U.N. nuclear agency investigation into suspected atomic bomb research by Iran will not be an "endless process", its chief said on Monday, pressuring Tehran to step up cooperation with the long-stalled probe.... View Source ›

Jonathan Tirone, "Iran Nuclear Arms Probe May Never Yield Verdict, IAEA Says" Bloomberg / September 15, 2014 The 11-year investigation into the possible military dimensions of Iran’s nuclear work may never yield conclusive evidence on whether the country sought weapons, International Atomic Energy Agency Director General Yukiya Amano said.... View Source ›

Dan Frosch, "Decades After Nuclear Test, U.S. Studies Cancer Fallout" The Wall Street Journal / September 15, 2014 Nearly 70 years after the U.S. conducted the world's first atomic-bomb test here in the New Mexico desert, federal researchers are slated to visit the state this month to begin studying whether some residents developed cancer due to the blast.... View Source ›

Kristin Davis , "$300 incentive pay for officers, some enlisted assigned to nuclear mission begins Oct. 1" Air Force Times / September 15, 2014 Officers assigned to the Air Force’s nuclear mission will receive $300 a month in incentive pay beginning Oct. 1, Secretary Deborah Lee James announced today at the Air Force Association’s annual Air and Space Conference outside Washington, D.C. Enlisted airmen in related career fields also will be eligible for up to $300 in monthly special duty pay.... View Source ›

September 15, 2014

Fredrik Dahl, "U.N. nuclear chief suggests little headway in Iran probe" Reuters / September 15, 2014 The U.N. nuclear watchdog sought to put pressure on Iran on Monday to address suspicions it may have carried out atomic bomb research, three weeks after Tehran failed to meet a deadline for providing information about the issue.... View Source ›

Anne Gearan, "U.S.-led coalition seeks to exclude Iran from fight against Islamic State" The Washington Post / September 13, 2014 Two countries, Iran and Saudi Arabia, have long borders with Iraq, seat of a growing battle against Islamic State militants. Despite the huge stakes for both border countries, only Saudi Arabia is now welcome as part of a U.S.-driven coalition of nations girding for a long fight.... View Source ›

Kwankwoo Jun, "Is North Korea Developing Submarine-Launched Missiles?" The Wall Street Journal / September 15, 2014 North Korea may be trying to develop the ability to fire missiles from submarines, defense officials in Seoul say.... View Source ›

Steven Borowiec, "North Korea sentences American Matthew Miller to six years with labor" Los Angeles Times / September 15, 2014 After entering North Korea on April 10, Miller, who is from Bakersfield, opted to not travel with staff from the American company that organized his trip or with other Western tourists but only with North Korean guides. It is less common and more expensive for Western tourists to travel only with guides from the North.... View Source ›

Patrick Malone, "Federal study: U.S. nuke labs unprepared for catastrophe" The New Mexican / September 13, 2014 The nation’s nuclear weapons laboratories are woefully unprepared to respond to emergencies, from small radiation leaks to large-scale disasters like the 2011 Fukushima meltdown in Japan, according to a sweeping new federal study.... View Source ›

September 12, 2014

Fredrik Dahl, "Iran says 'difficult road to go' to reach nuclear deal" Reuters / September 12, 2014 Iran and world powers remain far apart over Tehran's nuclear programme, and they face a "difficult road" to reach a deal by a late November deadline, a senior Iranian negotiator said on Thursday... View Source ›

David E. Sanger, "ISIS Fight Raises Fears That Efforts to Curb Iran Will Slip" The New York Times / September 12, 2014 President Obama’s decision to engage in a lengthy battle to defeat the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria reorders the global priorities of his final years in office. The mystery is whether it will deprive him of the legacy he had once hoped would define his second term, or enhance it instead.... View Source ›

"India test fires N-capable Agni-I successfully" Times of India / September 12, 2014 India on Thursday successfully testfired its indigenously developed, nuclear-capable, surface-to-surface Agni-I missile from a military base in Odisha, a defence official said.... View Source ›

"Russia at UN calls on USA, other 7 countries to join Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty" ITAR-TASS / September 12, 2014 Russia on Wednesday was one of many other UN member-nations to call on the United States and seven other countries immediately to join the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT).... View Source ›

Thomas Grove, " Russia says dissatisfied with U.S. talks over arms treaty concerns" Reuters / September 12, 2014 Russia said on Thursday it was dissatisfied with talks held with U.S. officials to address concerns that Moscow had violated a Cold War-era arms control agreement by testing a ground-launched cruise missile.... View Source ›

September 11, 2014

"Ahead of talks, Iran says West must drop 'illogical' nuclear demands" Reuters / September 10, 2014 Iran said world powers should abandon their "illogical demands" over its nuclear program, ahead of talks on Thursday to try to bridge wide differences in positions and end the decade-old dispute by late November.... View Source ›

"Iran: anti-Islamic State coalition 'shrouded in serious ambiguities'" Reuters / September 10, 2014 Iran said on Thursday the emerging international coalition to battle Islamic State militants was “shrouded in serious ambiguities”, Iranian state television reported.... View Source ›

Vladimir Isachenkov, "Putin Promises New Weapons to Fend Western Threats" Associated Press / September 10, 2014 Russia will counter military moves by the U.S. and NATO with an array of new nuclear and conventional weapons, President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday as the military successfully test-fired an intercontinental ballistic missile from a nuclear submarine.... View Source ›

"Russia successfully tests nuclear missile, more planned: navy chief" Reuters / September 11, 2014 Russia carried out a successful test of its new Bulava intercontinental nuclear missile on Wednesday and will perform two more test launches in October and November, the head of its naval forces said.... View Source ›

Andrea Shalal, "U.S. says still advocating for Raytheon in Turkish missile tender" Reuters / September 11, 2014 The U.S. government is continuing to advocate for the Patriot missile defense system offered by Raytheon Co (RTN.N) and Lockheed Martin Corp (LMT.N) in a Turkish tender after Turkey cited disagreements with the Chinese firm that initially won the bid, a senior U.S. official said on Wednesday.... View Source ›

September 10, 2014

Fredrik Dahl, "Iran says IAEA nuclear inquiry not stalled, will address concerns" Reuters / September 9, 2014 Iran said on Tuesday it would still address concerns about its nuclear program, even though it missed a deadline last month for providing information about its suspected atomic bomb research.... View Source ›

Rick Gladstone, "Iran’s Talks With Russia May Strike at Sanctions" The New York Times / September 9, 2014 Iran sent new signals on Tuesday that it was seeking to subvert the Western sanctions on its contentious nuclear energy program, adding uncertainties in advance of another round of negotiations next week in New York before the United Nations General Assembly.... View Source ›

"Nuclear plant in Japan clears safety hurdle put in after Fukushima" Associated Press / September 10, 2014 A nuclear power plant in southern Japan has won regulators’ approval for meeting safety requirements imposed after the 2011 Fukushima disaster, a key step toward becoming the first reactor to restart under the tighter rules.... View Source ›

Jenn Rowell, "Nuke chief confident in Malmstrom mission" Great Falls Tribune / September 9, 2014 The top players in the intercontinental ballistic missile community convened at Malmstrom Air Force Base on Tuesday to discuss operations, areas for improvement and the role of ICBMs in national security strategy.... View Source ›

"Russia Test Of Troubled Missile 'A Success'" Radio Free Europe / September 9, 2014 Russia says it successfully test-fired an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) that is to be a key element of its nuclear arsenal for decades but has been plagued by problems.... View Source ›

September 9, 2014

"EU official - gap with Iran over nuclear programme can be narrowed" Reuters / September 8, 2014 Iran is far apart from the six world powers negotiating with it over scaling back its nuclear programme, but that gap could be narrowed in talks next week, the European Union's foreign policy chief said on Monday.... View Source ›

Jonathan Tirone, "Iran Nuclear Inspectors Said to Hand Final Judgment to Nations" Bloomberg / September 8, 2014 Investigators probing Iran will let national officials from places including the U.S., China and Russia decide if the Persian Gulf country hid a nuclear weapons program, according to two officials familiar with their work.... View Source ›

"No deal with Sextet unless Iran demands met: Araqchi" PressTV / September 9, 2014 A senior Iranian nuclear negotiator says there will be no deal with the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany if Iran’s demands are not met.... View Source ›

Andrea Shalal, "U.S. report rips Boeing, Raytheon quality controls on missile defense" Reuters / September 8, 2014 The Pentagon's internal watchdog on Monday said it found numerous quality control problems during an investigation of the troubled "kill vehicle", or warhead, built by Raytheon Co for the Boeing Co-led U.S. missile defense system.... View Source ›

"NATO partners raised concerns about Scottish independence: Cameron" Reuters / September 8, 2014 British Prime Minister David Cameron said on Monday a number of NATO partners had used last week's summit of the alliance in Wales to raise concerns about Scotland's Sept. 18 vote on independence.... View Source ›

September 8, 2014

Fredrik Dahl, "IAEA says gains more Iran knowledge despite stalled nuclear probe" Reuters / September 6, 2014 U.N. inspectors have gained rare access to a plant where Iran is developing centrifuges for enriching uranium as part of a transparency deal they say is giving them a "better understanding" of Tehran's disputed nuclear program.... View Source ›

"Russia, U.S. to hold talks on 1987 arms accord" Reuters / September 8, 2014 Russian and U.S. officials will meet in Moscow on Thursday to discuss a 1987 arms control treaty whose future could be in doubt.... View Source ›

"Iran says never agreed to August 25 nuclear deadline" Oman Observer / September 8, 2014 Iran yesterday said it never agreed to a deadline to provide answers on its nuclear programme, after the UN atomic watchdog accused Tehran of failing to deliver on time.... View Source ›

"N. Korea's key nuclear diplomat leaves for Germany on European tour" Yonhap / September 6, 2014 The key architect of North Korea's nuclear diplomacy left for Germany on Saturday, embarking on a rare tour of four European nations, a diplomatic source said Saturday, with Seoul officials saying the trip appears to reflect the North's efforts to break its isolation.... View Source ›

"U.N. experts to investigate North Korean ship moored in Mexico" Kyodo / September 7, 2014 A U.N. panel that upholds sanctions against North Korea's nuclear weapons program is sending personnel to investigate a North Korean cargo ship moored at a Mexican port, U.N. diplomatic sources familiar with the matter told Kyodo News.... View Source ›

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