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April 22, 2014

Mehrdad Balali, "Iran admits nuclear agency reshuffle to pave way for 5+1 talks" Reuters / April 21, 2014 President Hassan Rouhani's government confirmed rumors on Monday it had reshuffled the leadership of Iran's atomic agency to sideline nuclear experts opposed to talks on its atomic program with the West.... View Source ›

Choe Sang-Hun, "North Korea Shows Signs of Planning Nuclear Test" The New York Times / April 22, 2014 With South Korea preoccupied by a ferry disaster, North Korea has increased activities at its main nuclear test site, prompting Seoul and Washington to prepare for a possible nuclear test from the North, the South Korean Defense Ministry said on Tuesday.... View Source ›

Matt Volz, "Russians Inspect Montana Nuclear Launch Facilities" Associated Press / April 21, 2014 Russian nuclear inspectors visited the U.S. amid heightened tensions between the two nations to verify that 18 nuclear missile launch facilities had been demolished as part of a 2011 arms control treaty, Air Force officials said Monday.... View Source ›

Diane Barnes, "Former Officials Seek U.S. Disclosure on Alleged Israeli Nuclear Theft" Global Security Newswire / April 21, 2014 Two former atomic officials say revealing U.S. findings on a decades-old alleged nuclear theft by Israel may bolster Washington's present-day diplomacy.... View Source ›

"Key U.K. Tories Said to Want Nuclear Arms Based in U.S., If Scots Expel Them" Global Security Newswire / April 21, 2014 Some U.K. Conservative Party leaders are said to support temporarily basing British nuclear arms in the United States if they are expelled from Scotland.... View Source ›

April 21, 2014

"Iran, world powers to start work on nuclear drafts next month" Reuters / April 20, 2014 Iran and world powers will begin work drafting a long-term settlement of Iran's disputed nuclear program at expert-level talks in New York next month, the official state news agency IRNA reported on Sunday.... View Source ›

"Iran says it watered down, converted over 200 kg of enriched uranium" Reuters / April 19, 2014 Iran said on Saturday it had completed watering down and converting more than 200 kilograms (440 lb) of enriched uranium under a deal reached in Geneva last November with world powers over its disputed nuclear program.... View Source ›

"Iran Vice President Says Row Over Reactor Resolved" Associated Press / April 19, 2014 Iran will redesign its Arak heavy water reactor to greatly limit the amount of plutonium it can make, the country's vice president said Saturday, marking a major concession from the Islamic Republic in negotiations with world powers over its contested nuclear program.... View Source ›

Justin Sink, "Obama signs bill blocking Iranian envoy" The Hill / April 18, 2014 President Obama on Friday signed legislation aimed at stopping Hamid Aboutalebi, Iran's would-be U.N. ambassador, from entering the United States.... View Source ›

Rachel Oswald, "Hagel: U.S. May 'Adjust' Missile Defenses in Europe, As Tensions Rise" Global Security Newswire / April 18, 2014 Amid rising tensions with Russia, the U.S. defense chief said Washington and its allies may "adjust" the timing for fielding antimissile systems in Europe.... View Source ›

April 17, 2014

Ali Akbar Dareini, "Iran will not discuss its ballistic missiles program as part of nuclear talks, minister says" Associated Press / April 16, 2014 Tehran will not discuss its ballistic missiles as part of ongoing talks with world powers on a final agreement to curb the Iranian nuclear program, the country's defense minister said Wednesday.... View Source ›

"Iran Reduces Sensitive Uranium Stocks by Half, Envoys Say" Global Security Newswire / April 16, 2014 Envoys on Tuesday said Iran has eliminated 50 percent of the uranium it could most easily convert into nuclear-bomb fuel, the Associated Press reports.... View Source ›

Rachel Oswald, "Pentagon Plans to Ax Missile-Interceptor Redesign Under Sequestration" Global Security Newswire / April 16, 2014 The Pentagon would ax a redesign of the front-end kill vehicle atop its strategic missile interceptor if future sequestration cuts remain law.... View Source ›

"Alternative Proposal for Uranium Work Now Under Agency Review" Global Security Newswire / April 16, 2014 An expert plan on alternatives to constructing a costly enriched-uranium processing plant has been completed and turned over to the Energy Department.... View Source ›

"Prosecutors Accuse New Jersey Man of Holding Lethal Uranium Cache" Global Security Newswire / April 16, 2014 A terminated U.S. Army facility worker faces charges for holding what was thought to be a deadly form of uranium, the Newark Star-Ledger reports.... View Source ›

April 16, 2014

"Iran Cuts Nuke Weapons Ability" Associated Press / April 15, 2014 The United Nations will release a report this week certifying that Iran's ability to make a nuclear bomb has been greatly reduced because it has diluted half of its material that can be turned most quickly into weapons-grade uranium, diplomats said Tuesday.... View Source ›

Fredrik Dahl and Mehrdad Balali, "Iran expects next payment under nuclear deal, signaling compliance" Reuters / April 16, 2014 Iran expects to get a fifth installment this week of previously blocked overseas funds, a senior official was quoted as saying, a payment that would confirm Tehran's compliance with an interim deal with world powers to curb its nuclear program.... View Source ›

"Iran Downplays Prospects for Russian Energy Pact" Global Security Newswire / April 15, 2014 An Iranian official said Russian energy-trade talks faced an uphill battle, amid global fears about possible implications for nuclear sanctions, Reuters reports.... View Source ›

David Brunnstrom, "U.S., China in 'productive' talks after North Korea test threat" Reuters / April 15, 2014 The United States and China have held "productive" talks on North Korea, the U.S. State Department said on Tuesday, part of stepped up international diplomacy after Pyongyang warned of plans to conduct a new type of nuclear test.... View Source ›

Diane Barnes, "New Algorithm May Help Detect Nuclear Smuggling at Airports" Global Security Newswire / April 15, 2014 Scientists may have discovered how they can reprogram X-ray scanners to more effectively spot bomb-usable nuclear materials in airline bags.... View Source ›

April 15, 2014

"Key Iran Official Eyes Expanding Disputed Uranium Operation" Global Security Newswire / April 14, 2014 A top Iranian official said his country may need a larger uranium-enrichment program for its single nuclear-power facility, the Associated Press reports.... View Source ›

"Atomic Exports Body Asked to Weigh Deeper Ties with Nonmember States" Global Security Newswire / April 14, 2014 A multinational nuclear export body is being asked to consider offering deeper ties to some nations that are not members of the exclusive group, Reuters reports.... View Source ›

"U.S. Reportedly Easing Demands on Nuclear Talks with North Korea" Global Security Newswire / April 14, 2014 The United States is reportedly easing its conditions for returning to nuclear talks with Pyongyang amid concerns that a fourth atomic test is in the works.... View Source ›

Rick Gladstone, "Sanctions Are Eased; Iran Sees Little Relief" The New York Times / April 13, 2014 Halfway through a six-month nuclear deal between Iran and major world powers that was meant to allow time to reach a comprehensive agreement, the Iranians have seen little in the way of a boost from the sanctions relief they had been expecting, trade lawyers and diplomatic analysts say.... View Source ›

Nia Williams, "Canadian company charged with breaching Iran sanctions law" Reuters / April 14, 2014 A Canadian company will appear in court on Monday charged with violating international sanctions by trying to export components to Iran that could have nuclear applications.... View Source ›

April 14, 2014

"Israel says Kerry remarks on Iran nuclear threshold 'not acceptable'" Reuters / April 14, 2014 Israel described as "unacceptable" on Monday remarks by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry suggesting cautious openness to negotiating a nuclear deal that would keep Iran six to 12 months away from bomb-making capability.... View Source ›

"U.S. expects Iran will meet oil export target in nuclear deal" Reuters / April 11, 2014 The Obama administration believes that oil exports from Iran from January to July will meet an average 1 million barrel per day goal outlined in an interim agreement with Tehran over curbing its disputed nuclear program, a State Department spokeswoman said on Friday.... View Source ›

Dana Davidsen, "Rand Paul: Don't dismiss containment option for nuclear Iran" CNN / April 13, 2014 Sen. Rand Paul said the United States shouldn't rule out the containment of Iran’s nuclear program.... View Source ›

"Putin OKs Advanced Antimissile Sale to China: Report" Global Security Newswire / April 11, 2014 Russia has approved the sale to China of an advanced antimissile system that could have ramifications on nuclear stability with India, according to news reports.... View Source ›

"Japan to Press Forward on Reprocessing Plant" Global Security Newswire / April 11, 2014 Japan on Friday finalized plans to continue preparations for its Rokkasho facility to eventually produce plutonium for use in power reactors, Reuters reports.... View Source ›

April 11, 2014

Fredrik Dahl, "Iran proposes Arak reactor change to cut plutonium output: media" Reuters / April 10, 2014 Iran has made a proposal that would significantly lower plutonium production at a planned reactor, a senior Iranian official was quoted as saying, signalling flexibility on a key issue in talks to end the nuclear dispute with world powers.... View Source ›

Cristina Marcos, "Congress approves bill banning Iran diplomat" The Hill / April 10, 2014 The House on Thursday passed legislation by unanimous consent that would ban Iran's new United Nations ambassador, who has ties to a terrorist group, from entering the United States.... View Source ›

"Envoy: US has Given China a 'Mission Impossible' on North Korea" AFP / April 10, 2014 The United States is giving China a “mission impossible” by insisting it exert pressure on neighboring North Korea to halt its nuclear program or face US consequences, Beijing’s ambassador said Thursday.... View Source ›

Diane Barnes, "Pentagon Poised to Revamp Counter-WMD Strategy" Global Security Newswire / April 10, 2014 The U.S. Defense Department may be "weeks" from updating an 8-year-old strategy for countering weapons of mass destruction, a senior official says.... View Source ›

"Moscow: U.S., NATO Are Breaking Word on European Missile Defense" Global Security Newswire / April 10, 2014 Russia is accusing the United States and NATO of reneging on a promise that antimissile assets deployed in Europe are aimed only at Iran.... View Source ›

April 10, 2014

George Jahn, "Iran foreign minister: '50 to 60 percent agreement' on nuke deal, next round May 13" Associated Press / April 9, 2014 Iran's foreign minister said Wednesday his country and six world powers are in "50 to 60 percent agreement" on the shape of a nuclear deal meant to crimp any potential Iranian attempt to build nuclear arms in exchange for an end to crippling economic sanctions.... View Source ›

"Russia Rejects US Warnings Over Oil Deal With Iran" Associated Press / April 9, 2014 A senior Russian diplomat on Wednesday angrily rejected U.S. warnings against striking an oil-for-goods contract with Iran, saying that Moscow wouldn't be intimidated by threats.... View Source ›

Mark Hosenball, "U.S. may test influence at U.N. by denying visa to Iran envoy" Reuters / April 9, 2014 The United States may soon deny a visa to Iran's proposed U.N. ambassador, two U.S. officials said on Wednesday, a rare and potentially precedent-setting step that would test U.S. influence over the world body.... View Source ›

"Iran nuclear deal being implemented as planned: IAEA chief" Reuters / April 9, 2014 Iran is implementing last year's interim nuclear deal with six world powers as planned, U.N. atomic energy chief Yukiya Amano said on Wednesday, almost three months after the accord took effect.... View Source ›

Hiroko Tabuchi, "Japan Pushes Plan to Stockpile Plutonium, Despite Proliferation Risks" The New York Times / April 9, 2014 Just weeks after Japan agreed to give up a cache of weapons-grade plutonium, the country is set to push ahead with a program that would produce new stockpiles of the material, creating a proliferation risk for decades to come.... View Source ›

April 9, 2014

Louis Charbonneau and Fredrik Dahl, "Iran, six powers face 'significant gaps' in nuclear talks" Reuters / April 9, 2014 Iran will never slow down its nuclear research program, the Islamic Republic's supreme leader said on Wednesday as negotiators from Tehran and six world powers struggled to narrow "significant gaps" in talks on a long-term accord.... View Source ›

Karen Freifeld, "New York regulator subpoenas four insurers in Iran sanctions probe-source" Reuters / April 8, 2014 New York state's top insurance regulator has sent subpoenas to four U.S. insurance companies as part of a probe of potential sanctions violations involving Iran, a person familiar with the matter said on Tuesday.... View Source ›

Justyna Pawlak and Parisa Hafezi, "U.S. warns on Iran 'breakout' capability as nuclear talks start" Reuters / April 8, 2014 The United States said on Tuesday Iran has the ability to produce fissile material for a nuclear bomb in two months, if it so decided, as Tehran and six world powers swung into a new round of talks in Vienna on resolving their atomic dispute.... View Source ›

Christi Parsons and Paul Richter, "U.S. tells Iran its choice for U.N. ambassador is 'not viable'" Los Angeles Times / April 8, 2014 The White House stepped up its opposition Tuesday to Iran's choice for ambassador to the United Nations, but sought to keep the controversy from derailing negotiations over the Islamic Republic's disputed nuclear program.... View Source ›

David Alexander, "U.S. to cut nuclear launchers under treaty with Russia -officials" Reuters / April 8, 2014 The United States will scale back its nuclear bombers, submarine launchers and ballistic missiles in the first cuts to its leftover cold war nuclear arsenal since ratifying a landmark treaty with Russia in 2011, officials said on Tuesday.... View Source ›

April 8, 2014

"Spain busts group accused of plans to send arms machinery to Iran" Reuters / April 7, 2014 Spain said on Monday it had dismantled a group it accused of plotting to send industrial equipment to Iran that could be used for weapon manufacture in violation of international sanctions.... View Source ›

George Jahn, "Iran, 6 Powers Seek to Narrow Nuclear Differences" Associated Press / April 8, 2014 Negotiators for Iran and six world powers on Tuesday focused for the first time on the concrete shape of a deal meant to result in long-term curbs on Tehran's nuclear program.... View Source ›

Jonathan Tirone and Kambiz Foroohar, "Iran Nuclear Haggling Hits Midpoint With Talks Over Reactor" Bloomberg / April 8, 2014 Diplomats searching for a long-term accord over Iran’s nuclear program, including the future of a reactor that could produce weapons material, began two days of scheduled talks in Vienna.... View Source ›

Ramin Mostaghim and Paul Richter, "In Iran, nuclear deal brings little economic relief" Los Angeles Times / April 7, 2014 When Iran's leaders signed a preliminary nuclear deal with world powers in November, they promised the six-month agreement would quickly start "melting the iceberg" of Western sanctions, lead to new trade ties and lift the lives of ordinary Iranians.... View Source ›

Diane Barnes, "Pentagon: B-61 Bomb Update Faces Possible Delays" Global Security Newswire / April 7, 2014 U.S. Defense Department experts see a danger of delays in work on a key nuclear-bomb component under development at multiple federal agencies.... View Source ›

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