Biography of Sarah Burkhard

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) joined the Institute in 2015.  She is a co-author and researcher on the Institute’s forthcoming Peddling Peril Index (PPI), which seeks to rank countries’ export control systems and how well they perform at preventing trafficking in nuclear commodities.  Burkhard carried out major research on and co-authored an Institute study entitled Saudi Arabia’s Nuclear Ambitions and Proliferation Risks, 2017.  She also researched the existence and implications of dangerous radioactive sources in Mosul, Iraq while the territory was under the control of Daesh, an effort covered by a front page Washington Post story.

Burkhard is also a co-author of a satellite imagery review to be published in Earth and Planetary Sciences Journal’s 2018 Annual Review.  She contributes to the Institute’s satellite imagery analysis and monitoring of nuclear sites in countries such as North Korea, Iran, and Pakistan.

Burkhard holds a B.S. in Chemistry from American University.  During her time at American University she received several awards, including one for Outstanding Achievements in Mathematics and a College Chemistry Achievement Award presented by the Chemical Society of Washington.  Burkhard was born and raised in Germany and moved to the United States as a young student. She speaks fluent German and conversational French.